Garden Note #30: Hyacinth Bean Vine

I debated what to grow on our arbor this summer and decided to try hyacinth bean vine. After I germinated the seeds indoors using wet paper towels, I transplanted them outside. But I had some rather determined chipmunks and squirrels who kept digging them up. I guess they gave up because the vines finally started to grow up the string I provided and have since covered the arbor. What’s interesting and fun to watch is the change of the pink blossoms into dark purple pods.

Down by the garden gate! Built by my husband, this gate leads from the garage to our back yard. The arbor above it is now full of hyacinth bean vine!

Purple pods replace the pink blossoms but beware- they are poisonous if eaten!

(All photos by- Martha B.)


3 thoughts on “Garden Note #30: Hyacinth Bean Vine

  1. So stinking gorgeous!

    My girlfriend grew this by her garden gate this summer, it is gorgeous. She had no idea what it was called though, I’ll have to let her know.

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