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Garden Note # 91: Future Shed


I’m already picturing this little charmer sitting on my future property.

(Photo- ‘Terence Conran’s Garden Style‘)

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On My Reading List

#7. Gardening- ‘Terence Conran’s Garden Style‘ by Terence Conran, 1991.

“…This book is a logical extension of that established tradition of working outdoors in the garden. It contains a range of projects, from the simple to the more complicated, and shows you how to made a variety of structures, including containers, seats, trelliswork and even a summer house…”


Fireside Chats

A series of magazine images where the fireplace takes center stage.


#3. Jean-Claude Huon uses his bedroom’s painted brick fireplace as a giant backdrop for artwork and chic garden arrangements.

(Photo- John Coolidge for Elle Decor, 2000)

On My Reading List

#5. Decorating- ‘Perfect English‘ by Ros Byam Shaw, 2007.

” In the context of decorating, ‘Perfect English’ is something of a contradiction…We like our chic to be shabby, our grandeur to be faded— perfection is a very non- English quality.” - Roger Jones


(Photos- Chris Tubbs)

Garden Note #90: Japanese Ikebana

I bought the book ‘Japanese Ikebana For Every Season‘ by Rie Imai and Yuji Ueno out of curiosity.


Ikebana is the term for the traditional Japanese art of flowering arranging. The book is divided into four chapters based on the seasons. It has dozens of suggestions for flowers with interesting containers. Several pages showed quirky things re-purposed and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. A rusted faucet discovered in my shed became the vase for a single Ranunculus blossom.

(Photo & Styling- Martha Browne)


“…All great things had small beginnings…”

nibletspressedflower-optPressed flower

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(Photo- Martha Browne)