Project 52- A Year In Images

Week #29- Get In Close

This tiny mushroom is barely two inches high.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


Garden Note

Repurposing antiques with a garden theme can be such fun. My friend Laurie was getting rid of an old wooden ironing board and asked me if I wanted it. Yes indeed! The ironing board works perfectly as an impromptu plant table. And Grandma’s drying rack adds a nice touch by displaying my ongoing collection of watering cans.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Decorating Our Farmhouse

#13. The Three Ds- Dead, Diseased & Destroyed. The front garden was full of all of these. After trying to get it under control with minimal success, we decided it was time to get some help. In came equipment and men that had it done in two days. Why did we wait so long?!

(Photo- Martha Browne)