Garden Note- Forced Branches

forcedbrancheswinter01-optI’ve tried to force branches to bloom. It’s usually hit or miss. But when it does work, the results can be beautiful.

  1. Select branches to bring in. Make sure they’re at least a foot long and have enough tight buds. Remove them with clippers from tree or shrub.
  2. When indoors, cut with a sharp knife the branch ends at an angle. Then slit them lengthwise a few inches.
  3. Place the branches (the cut ends) in warm water over night.
  4. The next day put the branches in a vase with more warm water.
  5. Display out of direct sunlight.
  6. Now wait. It may take a week or more.

(Photo- Cottage Style Magazine, Winter 2017)

Garden Note- Natural Beauty

I love this article from last year’s Veranda Magazine. Floral designer Michael Putnam creates some simple, yet stunning Christmas arrangements in a historic New York home.

christmasnaturalbeautyverandamagazine01-optSnippets of snowberries  are taped to the old windowpanes.

christmasnaturalbeautytreeveranda02-optReal candles light this pine tree for the holidays. Dried slices of oranges and apples hang from branches strewn with clusters of paperwhite narcissus.

naturalchristmascuboardwithplantsfruit-opt The theme of using paperwhites and citrus fruit continues in this corner cupboard with some slight changes. Paperwhite bulbs are placed in glasses and lemons are the chosen fruit. Here they’re combined with fresh olive and thyme clippings.

(Photos- Sang An for Veranda Magazine, 2015)