September/October- Person, Place & Thing

rubbingdonkeyears-optPerson- I met Barbara a year ago through our mutual love of donkeys. Here she is with Jasmine who enjoys having her ears rubbed.

farmhousekitchenview2sink-optPlace- We’re in the homestretch on our kitchen renovation. And thank goodness. Because after months of having the room torn up, living in mountains of dust and finding a black rat snake curled up on the ironing board, we are ready to be done.

appleseason-optThing(s)- Apple season has officially begun.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

On My Reading List

#17. Cooking- ‘The Art Of Simple Food‘ by Alice Waters, 2007.

” I love cooking and eating with friends; I think that’s why I started a restaurant. I give more thought and consideration to the menu and the evening when I’m cooking for guests, whether it is a special occasion such as a birthday party or holiday feast or just a casual gathering of close friends. I try to plan a menu that I think will please and is fitting to the occasion, but, just as important, one that is not too complicated and difficult to prepare. I want to enjoy myself and I want my guests to feel relaxed…”



anewroomforoldfarmhouse-optBorn and raised in this farmhouse, the owner was still plowing the land with horses well into his nineties. Although the man now lives down the street, he felt obliged to add the new roof.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

July/August- Person, Place & Thing

candidportraitWIWonporch-optPerson- A candid portrait of a quiet and honorable man…my dad.

daytriptobrevard01-optPlace- We, along with close friends, scouted out the town of Brevard, NC for the day. If you’re in that area, I recommend making a stop at Underground Salvage, Co. They carry all kinds of hardware, doors, windows, sinks and reclaimed lumber.farmersdiscusspoisiongrass-optThing- Local farmers warn me about the dangers offalse dandelion‘ and its toxic effect on horses.

(Photos- Martha Browne)