Meet Me In The Garden

Fashion details- Ewa i Walla floral sleeveless dress worn over matching knickers.


Watch Your Sleeves

Fashion details- Ann Demeulemeester blouse & Kiton jacket (top left), Valentino blouse, Marc Jacobs cardigan & Wing/Wing gloves (top right), Ulla Johnson blouse & Simone Rocha jacket (bottom left), Coach blouse & Adeam vest (bottom right).

(Dham Srifuengfung for WSJ Magazine, 2019)

Kate Spade

“…I remember someone once said there is a practical aspect to my designs, and I remember thinking, ‘That doesn’t sound so creative,’ but that is actually the truth. There is practicality to it. There is a reason and, hopefully, an interesting reason behind it- that is where my creativity comes in…”- Kate (Valentine) Spade

(Photo of Kate Spade in her NYC shop, 1996)