Try To See The People Better

” When you say in fiction: ” He bowed his head in shame,” it is likely to be a lie. Or “he gripped the chair until his knuckles were white.” When you write such a thing about a character, ask yourself: “Did he really do that? Have I ever seen anyone do that?”…. When you have written a story and it has come back a few times and you sit there trying to write it over again and make it more impressive, do not try to think of better words, more gripping words. Try to see the people better.”

– ‘If You Want to Write’ by Brenda Ueland

Just One Thing

The Floral Brooch

Fashion details- Van Cleef & Arpels gold floral brooch with satin ribbon bow.

Stella McCartney boxy blazer with brooch on the lapel, white tank and ripped jeans.

The Attico tweed hat with brooch.

Ralph Lauren v-neck sweater with brooch, white shirt and knit tie.

(Photos- Sean Thomas for Vogue Magazine, March 2023)

The Attic Stairs

Both my husband and I are fascinated with garrets (or attics) in older houses. But getting up to these spaces is such a mixture of surprise and annoyance. In the past craftsmen would build a staircase on site. This meant that it was often very steep and didn’t accommodate a person’s whole foot.

(Photo- Hudson, NY real estate listing)

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“What I mean is that one’s whole life is an autobiography, don’t you agree? Whether it gets written or not doesn’t make a difference. What goes into it, though? That’s what counts.”

– Elizabeth George, ‘A Banquet of Consequences’