(Photo- Martha Browne)


On The Farm- Dusty Gets Gelded

Gelding Dusty was an important issue for him…and for me. I have three female donkeys and to have an ungelded male with them meant trouble. My biggest concern was that he could get them all pregnant. Also, Dusty is such a sweet natured donkey and gelding would help him to remain that way. So last week I made arrangements with my mobile vet to come and do it.

The vet tech above preps a sedated Dusty for surgery. She tied a rope around his back leg in order to lift it up and keep it out of the way during the procedure. A towel was placed over Dusty’s face to keep flies away. She would check his pupils often to see if he was coming to. There was a portal in his neck to add medication as needed.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


Curtis won’t be making too many more excursions from Prague. He’s teaching and tutoring full time now. But summer memories, especially of the town of Český Krumlov, still linger.

(Photo- Curtis Browne)