Inspired By…

…Old Farmland Photograph c. 1900.

leslie-ranch-north-dakota-farmscape-optWith so many of us living close to our neighbors, it’s hard to imagine having acres upon acres of land to call your own. But for farmers at the turn of the century, that was common. It was also something these farmers wanted to document through the use of photography.

upstateNYlandscape-optI managed to take a picture of this large New York farm just before a summer thunder storm. Click images to enlarge.

(Bottom Photo- Martha Browne)

On My Reading List

#11. Photography- ‘Portraits‘ By Rineke Dijkstra, 2002.

“…It’s like what Diane Arbus said, you are looking for the ‘gap between intention and effect.’ People think that they present themselves one way, but they cannot help but show something else as well. It’s impossible to have everything under control. But when I try to photograph somebody, especially the full body, it always makes them wonder ‘oh, what am I going to do with my hands,etc.’ And I think, retrospectively, I really used that more or less with the beach photos…”