Learning To See

#17. Street Photography- Two photographers, Helen Levitt and Martha Cooper, took to the urban streets to capture kids at play. The photo (above) was taken by Levitt in 1939. The photo (below) was taken by Cooper in the late 1970s. Though the images are separated by forty years, the kids remained pretty much the same- roaming freely whole city blocks far from home and parents. They also made creative use of abandoned buildings and chain link fencing to test their courage and climbing skills. Interesting, too, that neither photographer bothered to tell the kids to get down.

On The Farm- Meet Dusty

Dusty is our youngest donkey (just over a month old) and very high-spirited. He spends his time running, jumping and kicking until he’s finally exhausted. Then he collapses onto the nearest dirt pile and falls asleep. He’s absolutely still except for the occasional swish of his tail batting the flies away.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

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Family Life- Looking Back

I’ve been going through old photographs lately. Here’s a personal favorite.

Curtis, age 8, has always loved nature. That year for Halloween he asked me if we could make him into “dirt with lots of bugs.” We came up with the idea of doing a soil cross section- a rubber grass hat and a brown sweatshirt with painted plant roots. Assorted plastic bugs were hot glued in place.

(Photo- Martha Browne)