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(iPhone 5c image- Martha Browne)

On My Reading List

#4. Photography- ‘Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs‘ by Henry Carroll, 2014.

Start by ignoring everything

“…You’ll see that taking great pictures is less about technical knowhow and much more about mastering that most valuable piece of kit— your eyes. But for now, try to remember that no matter how unnerving all the buttons, symbols and dials my seem, your camera is just a box with a hole in it…”




(Photo- Martha Browne)

Love Is In The Air #15




(Photo- Martha Browne)

Review 2014 & Preview 2015



I find it interesting to evaluate projects over the course of a year.  Some came out well and got posted. Others…not so well. They ended up in the reject file. But whether the projects pass or fail, I always learn from them.

A few projects I loved doing this past year and my goals for 2015:

1. This past year I managed to find an old fireplace mantel in upstate New York. And for months, I indulged myself with all kinds of fun, colorful ideas using it. Goal for 2015- A collection of simple mantel displays that don’t require tearing up my whole house for props.

2. This past year I finally pushed the button and went public with my photography blog ‘Louped.’ It’s been a work in progress both technically and creatively. Goal for 2015- Travel and see new places/ people through the camera lens.

3. This past year I spent time researching photographers’ work that inspired me. Kayla was willing to pose based on a Eudora Welty’s image. Goal for 2015- Use other inspirations as a spring board for my own work.

4. This past year I photographed and styled several fashion shoots using friends like Hillary. Goal for 2015- I’d like to squeeze in a few more of these.

5. This past year was number 8 for my blog Nibs. I can’t believe I’m still actively writing and photographing here. Goal for 2015- Continue to experiment and do the best  work I can despite the risk of failure. Most importantly…relax and enjoy where the artistic journey takes me.

Here’s a (belated) toast to a new year on Nibs. I hope you’ll join me.

Warm regards,


Fashion Character Photo


The Classic c. 1935- 1940