Artwork- Damian Stamer

Originally from North Carolina, thirty-something artist Damian Stamer often taps into his southern childhood memories for inspiration. He uses his own photographic images as backdrops for the more distorted, abstract oil paints he applies. The results are a fascinating combination of then and now.

damian stamer artwork 02Dusk 2.0,  2011


 The Americano,  2013


farmersmarketfreshkahlrabi-optFresh kohlrabi from the farmer’s market.

To prepare- Rinse in cold water, then with a sharp knife, peel bulbs thinly and slice or cut up. Eat raw as a snack.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

On My Reading List

#14. Photography- ‘Deep South‘ By Sally Mann, 2005.

” Living in the South often means slipping out of temporal joint, a peculiar phenomenon that I find both nourishes and wounds. To identify a person as a Southern suggests not only that her history is inescapable and formative but that it is also impossibly present. Southerns live uneasily at the nexus between myth and reality, watching the mishmash amalgam of sorrow, humility, honor, graciousness, and renegade defiance play out against a backdrop of profligate physical beauty.”


(Photo- Sally Mann)