Our son Curtis is back in Prague for another year of teaching. He recently checked out the Gerhard Richter exhibit at The National Gallery and told us  “….some of Richter’s paintings are very realistic, like photographs, while others are completely abstract…” 

(Photos- Curtis Browne)

On The Farm- Donkey Updates

Several of you inquired about the donkeys and how they’re doing.

Beatrice She’s made major improvements in letting me touch her. The back hoofs are still off limits, though.

Cece Poor girl. She’s had a rough few months after delivering Dusty. Her health declined and she was agitated most of the time. One evening while putting her hay down, she reached out and bit me in the shoulder. I called Barbara and we discussed what to do. Cece has now been on an increased diet of hay, supplements and vitamins. Her health has gotten better and because of that…her mood is better, too.

Audrey She has a lot of energy and needs to have some sort of purpose. I had started clicker training (more on this later) but her lessons slowed down after Dusty was born. She became bored and started girdling a tree in the paddock. The tree trunk is now covered in a tarp…much to Audrey’s disappointment.

DustyHe’s growing up fast. Although he gets a lot of his nourishment from nursing, Dusty began eating out of Cece’s morning feed bucket. He now has one of his own which makes him feel like a big donkey.

Curtis says goodbye to the donkeys (left to right)- Audrey, Dusty, Cece & Beatrice.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

Photography Exhibit

This was my second summer to participate in the community’s annual photography exhibit. The experience is always an adventure. I spent hours figuring out which pictures to use and how best to display them. I even made booklets for viewers at the art center. Above is the cover from it.

(Photo & Design- Martha Browne)

On My Re-Reading List

#24. Photography- ‘ The Day-To-Day Life Of Albert Hastings‘ by Kaylynn Deveney with additional text & drawings by Albert Hastings, 2007

” I think my husband noticed (elderly) Bert first. Bert could often be spotted outside, watching the world go by or watering the garden that curtained the dilapidated apartment building on two sides. In the absence of a garden hose, Bert watered by filling empty dishwashing liquid bottles. He contrasted with the decaying building. Bert seemed vital and engaged and his quiet presence made me want to know him…”

Person, Place & Thing- July/August

Person- Portrait of Curtis, age 21.

Place- The view on Whiteside Mountain, North Carolina.

Thing- An isolated tornado ripped through our area bringing down a hundred trees. Audrey inspects the massive root ball of one tree that fell behind our barn.

(Photos right- Martha Browne. Photo left- Scott Browne)