On The Farm- It’s Hard

As a novice farmer, last week was hard. I scheduled visits from both the vet and the farrier, who clips donkey hoofs. Tuesday, the vet came to check our trio of female donkeys and draw blood from the oldest named Cece. That crazy donkey knew something was up. She resisted putting on her halter and lead rope. After some coaxing with carrot treats she was persuaded. But the moment the needle went into her neck…she exploded. She ran around me while I held onto the lead. The needle fell to the ground. Cece was finished and so was I.

While the vet was packing up, I mentioned that the farrier was coming the next day. She suggested a low dosage of sedative for both Cece and Beatrice. An hour before the farrier came, I gave the two donkeys their sedatives. It didn’t take long for it to take effect. They could barely stand. The farrier began to work on Beatrice’s hoofs and, with some minor kicks, was able to accomplish his task. Then came Cece. She was drugged enough to fall over but somehow had enough where-with-all to snort and kick. There was no way he could trim her without being hurt. Meanwhile, one year old Audrey was watching how “proper” adult donkeys behave. And even though she had let him clip her hoofs, problems started up. By Friday, Audrey wouldn’t even let me clean them, and instead gave me a few warning kicks. Doing her hoofs had never been an issue before! After that, I came in the house, threw myself on the bed and cried.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


Curtis is in Milan, Italy for Easter. “…The center of town is pretty busy with tourists but it’s not too bad to walk around beyond that…”

(Photo- Curtis Browne)

A Cover From…

Don’t Take Pictures Magazine, Spring 2015

” …The title references the way in which we speak about photography. It comes from something I used to say to my students when I was a teaching assistant: ‘Don’t take pictures- make them.’ This subtle change in language highlights the distinction between widespread use of cameras in the modern world, and the considered act of creating photographic art. I use ‘Don’t Take Pictures’ as a mantra to celebrate photography as fine art, and to engage as many people as possible with the medium in a thoughtful and articulate way…” – magazine creator Kat Kiernan

On The Farm- Cece Has Her Foal!

When I went out this morning to feed the donkeys only Beatrice and Audrey showed up. I called for Cece. No sign of her. I went down into the woods behind the barn to look for her.  And there she was with a tiny, gray foal. What a surprise! I had been assured that Cece wasn’t due to give birth until mid-summer. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet.

(Photo- My husband Scott)

Update 04/05/2017- The foal is definitely a boy. We named him Dusty.