Sir Jasper Gets A Makeover

Often my son Curt looks over my shoulder as I blog. So, glancing at the post about Grace Coddington’s drawings of cats he decided our dog Jasper was the perfect candidate for a style make-over. Inspired by the British comedy “Jeeves and Wooster” Curt drew Jasper in a pair of pants, knitted vest over shirt with tie, and a tweed cap! What did Jasper think of this proposed new look? Not much- he was more interested in tearing up the lawn or digging in the garden!

Like what Jasper has on? Check j.crew for similar styles.

(Drawing by: Curtis B.)

One thought on “Sir Jasper Gets A Makeover

  1. Isn’t amazing how children have the ability to come up with something brilliant and hilarious just by being themselves and expressing their imagination? Your son’s drawing is such a delight- LOVE it!

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