Shore Leave

Fashion details- Toast hat, Ganni knit top, Monica Cordera jeans and Motley x Emily Robson earrings.

Reimagine Pinko by Patrick McDowell sailor top, Flippa K trousers and Toast sandals.

Everlane striped T-shirt, Flippa K shirt, Reimagine by Pinko by Patrick McDowell fringed trousers and Toast sandals.

Dai blazer & shorts, stylist’s own bathing suit top and Camper shoes.

(Photos- Helene Sandberg. Styling- Toni Caroline. Also Journal, 2021)

On My Reading List

#35- Interior Design-‘The Maine House’ by Maura McEvoy & Basha Burwell, 2021.

“Here are houses created by the people who live in them, distinctive for their ingenuity, originality, and fierce individuality. Here are spaces that personify the artists whose work is made better through struggle, a Mainer’s point of pride. Here are cottages resolutely unchanged- where to silence a slamming screen door would be to strip the place of its soul. Here are warped floorboards and lovingly worn camp sofas sat on by generations of the same family. Here are homes where a life well lived is defined by spirit, creativity, and longevity. Here is a kind of visual wealth that money can’t buy. Here is The Maine House.”

An old cotton sail cloth hangs from the ceiling.

(Photo- Maura McEvoy)

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