IDEA- A Tad Cheeky

Spice up your living room with a cheeky painted portrait.

(Photos- Yellow line portrait source unknown. Writing on the face portrait from The World of Interiors Magazine, August 2014. Altered woman from Chaos and Wonder Design on Etsy. Woman painting with pink bikini in the book ‘Amelia Handegan Rooms‘)

A Page From…

…’The Wisdom Of Donkeys’ by Andy Merrifield, 2008 .

” A donkey’s tail is different from a horse’s: less proud, less flamboyant, more disheveled like a cow’s, more Zen-like in it’s rumpled simplicity, with its short body hair and tuft at the end. It’s somehow just there: a frayed, everyday rudder without pretense.”

(Photo- Martha Browne)