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Fashion details- La Veste plaid, gingham and striped jackets.

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Having an antiques booth is more work than I thought it would be. It’s not just about displaying eye-catching antiques. There’s clearing rent, pricing things, tracking down/buying items from various sources and developing relationships with other dealers. I’ve managed my booth for over a year now and thoroughly enjoy it. Dealers and new clients ask me about my involvement on instagram. I told them I had an account but only posted sporadically. Starting this year, I will use instagram to share images ranging from life on our farm to what’s going in my antiques booth.

Note- A selection of quirky antique photos that I’ve hand-painted are available at Dark Horse Antiques Market in Tryon, NC.

Merry Christmas!

Dear Nibs Readers,

This is to let you know I’ll be taking a nice long break from my blog to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Be sure to be back here on Monday, January 13, 2020 as I start some projects I’m really excited about.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Warmest regards, (Photos of our farmhouse decorated for Christmas- Martha Browne)


Christmas Craft #34- Flexible Wooden Artist’s Models

Here’s a fun holiday project to work on.

  1. Check art stores, eBay or Ikea for these flexible wooden artist’s models.
  2. Hats are made from red fabric. On the wrong side of the fabric, cut and create cone shapes to fit head models. Sew each one shut leaving the opening for the head. Turn right side out.
  3. Secure strips of white felt and pompoms with a glue gun.
  4. Candy canes are plastic ornaments.
  5. Display on a bookshelf, tabletop or fireplace mantel.

(Photo- Martha Browne)