Fashion details- Maxi dress by Roberto Calvalli.

(Photo- Juergen Teller. Stylist- Jane How. UK Vogue, March 2015)

Zara- Spring Preview 2015


Fashion details- Gathered seam dress (top left), sleeveless knit tee, high waist jeans (top right), jumbo check top & matching shorts, leather gladiator sandals (middle left), embroidered shirt, floral pants (middle right) and front zipper coat (bottom).



(Photo- Martha Browne)

Fashion Character Photo

2tomgirlsplaytennis-optThe Tomboys c. 1940

On My Reading List

#5. Decorating- ‘Perfect English‘ by Ros Byam Shaw, 2007.

” In the context of decorating, ‘Perfect English’ is something of a contradiction…We like our chic to be shabby, our grandeur to be faded— perfection is a very non- English quality.” - Roger Jones


(Photos- Chris Tubbs)

Go Collarless


Collarless work shirt for Spring.

First Design Job


I found this old blueprint while sifting through paperwork. It’s from my very first commercial design job. I was hired to update an eat-in deli with new flooring, tile, furniture, etc. I didn’t sleep well for weeks working on this project. How did it turn out? Not too bad. The owners were happy and I got paid. :)

(Artist Rendition Blueprint- Martha Browne)