Decorating@Nibs- Fireplace Mantels

I thought it would be a fun challenge to do a collection of posts on decorating. Not whole room renovations mind you, but rather smaller, more manageable projects. First up will be a bunch of ideas for decorating fireplace mantels. So…check back as I’ll be posting a new mantel arrangement each week. I hope these will provide lots of inspiration.

Fireplace Mantel Idea #10- Christmas Portrait

Instead of the usual portrait over the mantel I decided to hang one below it. To balance the strong oil painting I needed an equally strong wall covering. This stylized leaf print in raspberry red and white is perfect. Now for the mantel shelf. I added a playful touch using a garden bust/planter to mimic the painted matron right down to her lace collar…although mine is just a paper doily.

As for Christmas decorating- I filled the bust’s head cavity with a profusion of pine greens, holly, ivy & grocery store carnations.  Two glass ornaments are displayed on gold candle holders. I whipped up the simple garland using dot stickers and string.

1. Wall covering is fabric left over from our anniversary party. Available at Calico Corners.

2. Antique portrait (borrowed from Margot…her husband’s great-great grandmother!)

3. Similar garden lady planter

4. Anthropologie Christmas ornaments (box of 12, assorted colors)

5. Candle holders were wedding gifts

6. Vintage mirror

7. Note card with quote ‘dance, love, sing, live

8. You can find these stickers at most school supply stores.

A peek at next week’s mantel!

(Styling & photos- Martha B.)

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