April- Person, Place & Thing

chriswithportablelumbermill-optPerson- Chris (left) and a helper began the long, arduous task of clearing some trees on our property for a future structure. Then he used his portable mill to cut up the lumber for interior planking.

lumbermillmobleforbarnplanks03-optPlace-  The site where either a barn or cottage will be built.

antiquesign-ooptThing- I’ve come across quite a few antique signs that I’d love to display in our farmhouse kitchen. But only one could fit. This sign (above) didn’t make the cut.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

Decorating Our Farmhouse #2

kitcheninspiration-optThe next big house project will be our kitchen. And I’ve been spending a lot of time going through my stash of ‘The World Of Interiors‘ for inspiration. Key point- I want the kitchen to respect the house’s architecture (1800’s) but not so much that it ends up feeling like a museum. It’s a bit of a design tightrope, I know. Wish us luck! :)

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Inspired By…

…’Domestic Landscapes‘ Series By Bert Teunissen.

I’m absolutely captivated by this whole series of images done by Bert Teunissen. On the surface it’s just portraits of people in their homes. But it goes beyond that. Teunissen has created a unique album of the human family (mostly seniors from all over the world) in the intimacy of their own homes. The photos are touching and sometimes sad as we see a way of life losing ground to the future. Make sure to check his archive.


Teunissen’s image above was the inspiration behind my own photo below.


(Photo- Martha Browne)