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Welcome Home


For The New England Colonial-

1. Natural cedar shakes (sanded and squared)- Check local lumber yards or home centers

2. Onion light fixture- Sandwich Lantern

3. Classic house numbers are discontinued but the same company offers these – House of Antique Hardware

4. Latch set– House of Antique Hardware

5. Iron strap hinge– House of Antique Hardware

6. Door knocker– Baldwin

Note- Cedar mailbox can be a DIY project.

(Exterior photo- Bob O’Connor for Boston Magazine, Summer 2012)

Grab Bag- Pineapple Light

The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality going back to colonial times. Seafaring men returned from their voyages with shiploads of tropical spices and fruits. To announce their arrival home, the men would attach a pineapple to the fence post inviting relatives and neighbors to drop by for a visit.


One or two of these pineapple lamps would look wonderful on a sideboard, fireplace mantel or bedside tables.

D.I.Y. Firebox Decor

The talented owners of this home crafted a whimsical smoke cutout to cover their empty firebox. Inspired, I decided to make one of my own.


List of materials-

1 sheet of foamcore (36″ x 48″)

exacto knife or box cutter

pencil, craft paints, markers and paint brushes


1. Measure your firebox so that your design will fit. Begin by using a pencil to lightly draw out your smoke onto the foam core.

2. Carefully cut it out with an exacto knife on a hard surface such as a work bench.

3. Now have fun with paints and markers drawing in cartoon-like details.

4. Place inside firebox. I simply leaned mine against the existing wood pile.

 (Inspiration photo- ‘Perfect English.’ D.I.Y. photo & styling- Martha Browne)

Three Easter Centerpieces


#1. Quail eggs with blue ribbon– design skool (top left). #2. Robin eggs speckled with edible gold paint- Honestly Yum (top right). #3. A moss covered wire chicken with eggs- Sweet Paul (bottom).

Masculine & Feminine Decor


The thought of something terribly masculine in a room setting that is unabashedly feminine has been on my mind lately. I’d love to try this in our next home. Reproduction print of 19th historical portrait (Robert Peel, Prime Minister of the UK) can be found at Restoration Hardware. The floral wallpaper is from Anthropologie.

Garden Note # 91: Future Shed


I’m already picturing this little charmer sitting on my future property.

(Photo- ‘Terence Conran’s Garden Style‘)

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On My Reading List

#7. Gardening- ‘Terence Conran’s Garden Style‘ by Terence Conran, 1991.

“…This book is a logical extension of that established tradition of working outdoors in the garden. It contains a range of projects, from the simple to the more complicated, and shows you how to made a variety of structures, including containers, seats, trelliswork and even a summer house…”