Grab Bag- Pillow Talk

Pottery Barn ‘good night’ & ‘sleep tight’ pillowcases.


On My Re-Reading List

#25. Interior Design- ‘English Style’ by Suzanne Slesin & Stafford Cliff. Photography by Ken Kirkwood, 1984.

“…In the world we live in today, with satellites making everything visible, available anywhere, immediately, it is much more difficult to isolate an indigenous style, but I think there is still an underlying simplicity and understatement, combined with comfort and pleasure in the eclectic, that make the English style instantly recognizable…”

Fireside Chats

A series of images where the fireplace takes center stage.

#6. A traditional stone fireplace is juxtaposed (there’s that word again!) with vibrant floral wallpaper, midcentury modern yellow chairs and coffee table. On the mantel, artwork (which picks up the yellow from the furniture) and stacks of wood in the firebox are purposely placed on the left side. It all works to make a dynamic space.

(Photo- Farrow & Ball)

Decorating Our Farmhouse

#9. Foraged wild flowers, grasses and berries have made their way into our old farmhouse. On the kitchen table blooming vines mix beautifully with a single branch of Quince.

A glass full of Shenandoah Switch Grass and berries.

I love Oat Grass. It lasts for weeks in bottles of water. The leaves slowly change from green to gold.

Joe-Pye Weed is another favorite of mine. I only cut a few stalks and leave the rest for the butterflies.

A vintage metal container with Sedum joins a display of birds’ nests, stone mushrooms and my grandfather’s book.

(Photos- Martha Browne)