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On My Reading List

#5. Decorating- ‘Perfect English‘ by Ros Byam Shaw, 2007.

” In the context of decorating, ‘Perfect English’ is something of a contradiction…We like our chic to be shabby, our grandeur to be faded— perfection is a very non- English quality.” - Roger Jones


(Photos- Chris Tubbs)

Idea- Angled


Old homes always pose some challenges for decorating. Here the low, angled ceiling dictated the wall placement for the bed. But instead of fighting it, the designers chose to craft a headboard following the roofline.

(Photo-Ochs Design)

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Garden Note #90: Japanese Ikebana

I bought the book ‘Japanese Ikebana For Every Season‘ by Rie Imai and Yuji Ueno out of curiosity.


Ikebana is the term for the traditional Japanese art of flowering arranging. The book is divided into four chapters based on the seasons. It has dozens of suggestions for flowers with interesting containers. Several pages showed quirky things re-purposed and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. A rusted faucet discovered in my shed became the vase for a single Ranunculus blossom.

(Photo & Styling- Martha Browne)

Decorating@Nibs- More Fireplace Mantels

Christmas has come and gone…so why am I posting a holiday mantel display? As I was going through things in our basement (initial packing for our move) I came across these ornaments. And I just had to do a quick arrangement for my series before putting them in a box.

Fireplace Mantel #25- Christmas Village



1. Use Ikea fabrics- wood plank (for the walls) and logs (for the firebox). The mantel remains Benjamin Moore’s China White.

2. On the mantel- Collection of handmade small scale homes and barns, HO scale figures/deer, diorama trees, folk art wooden hearts/stars garland, and natural wreath with craft store burlap ribbon.


(Photos & Styling- Martha Browne)

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And To Bed


I love these beautiful bed linens in soft muted tones from Toast.

Details- Cho duvet cover & pillowcase with organic ticking sheets (top) and washed cotton duvet cover & sheets (bottom left, right). Green crochet throw is also available.

If Walls Could Talk


 A mixture of off-white, beige, a shade called Bitter Chocolate #2 and a glass of Champagne (that’s right…some wine) created the color for this kitchen’s plank walls. It’s such a great neutral backdrop for the blue/white plates and mix of antiques.

(Photo- House Beautiful, 1997)

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Decorating@Nibs- More Fireplace Mantels

The design term ‘juxtaposition’ has been used for years. But in all honesty what exactly does it mean? Juxtaposition is defined as putting things together (purposely placing them side by side) in order to create an interesting (and fun) contrast.

Fireplace Mantel #24- Juxtaposition



1. This display starts with leaf patterned walls that complements the classic fireplace mantel painted Benjamin Moore China White.


2. On the mantel- Three framed prints done in felt-tip markers by photographer William Eggleston 2009, assorted small scale chairs, Ikea black clip-on lights, craft paints, solar powdered bulb/toy and a book.

(Photos & Styling- Martha Browne)

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