D.I.Y.- Cy Twombly Blackboard Artwork

I know I could never afford a real piece of artwork by Cy Twombly but I thought it might be fun to try and copy one of my favorites…his blackboard covered in scribbles.

All you need is a piece of black foam core (32″ x 40″), chalk and a rag. Before doing the design take a piece of chalk, lay it on its side and lightly rub it over the entire surface of the foam core. Then use a rag and remove some of the chalk. You should be left with a coating of white dust. Now go ahead and mimick Towmbly’s strokes or create your own.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


Christmas Craft #33- 1 Box 3 Ways

One simple brown craft box is made over three ways.

#1. French Laundry Ribbon- (top) Laundry ribbon initially was used to monogram a person’s clothing or linens. Here the ribbon adds a nice personal touch for the recipient. The final flourish- tuck in some nandina berries and leaves.

#2. Embroidered Lid-(middle) Use a pencil to lightly draw out a letter or other design. Then take a yarn needle and thimble (this helps to push the needle through) and begin making holes. Erase pencil lines. Thread needle and do a back stitch.

#3. Pearl Shell Buckle- (bottom) Slip wide ribbon under and over the buckle’s center part. Fasten ends underneath box with clear tape. Cut any extra ribbon that shows.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

Note- Craft boxes, embroidery thread and sewing supplies can be found at Hobby Lobby. Check eBay for buckle and etsy for monogrammed ribbon.