Fireside Chats

A series of images where the fireplace takes center stage.

billblassfireplacethen01-opt#5. Leave it to designer Bill Blass to paint an old fireplace white and surround it with his unique collection of mirrors. One large pitcher fills the firebox.

(Photo- House & Garden Magazine?)

On My (Summer) Reading List

#14. Decorating- ‘Kitchenalia‘ By Vinny Lee, 2014

“…Even the most modern and metropolitan city you will find kitchens styled to give the appearance of being in the depths of the country, somewhere far removed from the sirens of police cars and ambulances, and the bustle of the sidewalk.

This type of kitchen encapsulates a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle and features  subtle washes of nature-inspired colors. Basketwork, wood, and copper are all ingredients that will help to create the look, and for the Kitchenalia country kitchen vintage and traditional elements are important.

The country kitchen is designed to be used. It is a place to cook, preserve and bottle, where bowls are licked and the smell of fresh bread tempts people in. It is at heart a family space…”


My Imaginary Magazine Cover- Southern Living

Ever since I came up with this imaginary magazine cover for British Vogue, I’ve been playing with other fun designs. Here’s the latest one for ‘Southern Living.’

imaginarymagazinecoversouthernliving01-optNote- Moving south to a much older place (early 1800s) has changed my whole approach to decorating. Our historical home rejected my notions of bright primaries as harsh. Other colors I considered would be washed out by the intensity and amount of sunlight here. So, Scott and I ended up painting the dining /library/guest room a wonderful shade of blue-green which keeps its cool even on a hot day. Accents of black in the Windsor chairs, floor lamp and fireplace screen help things stay grounded.

(Photo- Martha Browne)