Decorating Our Farmhouse #4

kitchenflooridea-optWe worked feverishly on our kitchen this past summer. But a few things didn’t get resolved. One is the floor. The previous owner had water damage and ripped out part of the antique flooring. She replaced it with planks and stained them. I’m just not too crazy about the color. At first I thought about painting a checkerboard pattern using the floor grate as my size guide. It seemed too busy. Now I’m debating whether to do splatter paint.

(Photo left- Martha Browne. Inspiration- designskool)

A New Year

January celebrates the tenth year for Nibs. Hard to imagine that back in 2007 when I started blogging, my son Curtis was so young and now… now he’s off on his own in Europe. Wow! How time flies!


Nibs has proven to be a great refuge these past ten years. I enjoyed escaping for a few hours to explore and create an idea in fashion, decorating or photography. As I start the new year 2017 (and hopefully a new decade) I’m setting a few goals-

1. Return to photographing on a more consistent basis

2. Share about our life on the farm

3. Pursue some fun projects I’ve had on the back burner

4. Continue reading books

Wish I would do something not listed? Leave a comment.

Here’s to wonderful beginnings!

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Interiors- The Element Of Surprise

element-of-surprise-drums-optCan you see it? It’s there on the left…in the corner. A set of drums! I’m not sure how I’d feel about having drums in my living room, but I do appreciate that element of surprise. When a room has all the right ingredients it can be a wonderful space. Add one or two things that may not seem to go…or are down right wrong…can make a room come alive.

(Photo- Mikkel Vang for Elle Decor, September 2016)