Empire Silhouette Wedding Dresses

In a sea of fitted strapless wedding dresses, the Empire waist dress is a breath of fresh air. This particular style is created when the dress is gathered near or just under the bust with a long skirt skimming the rest of the body. Historically, the dress made its first appearance in ancient Greece and Rome. The name “Empire” refers to the First French Empire in 1804-1814 when Napoleon was dictator. The style proved popular with the French and other nations as well. Even a war with the French didn’t stop the influence of this dress in England!


I love the historical feel of this wedding dress by Pronovias. It’s needlepoint lace over a satin lining with a velvet bow.


A satin silk dress with the top edged in ruffled lace from Fanny Liautard.


Stephane Saunier designed this beautiful tulle and silk organza dress with lace bodice.


Cymbeline crafted this breathtaking wrapped silk dress with transparent embroidered tulle on the bottom.

(Photos-  French Oui Bridal Magazine, February 2008)

6 thoughts on “Empire Silhouette Wedding Dresses

  1. I love the empire style. Mine is *sort of* an empire, but my bridesmaids’ dresses are empire style like the first one. Very pretty, very comfortable, and very flattering!

  2. I love your site. Beautiful gowns. Weddings make me happy. I love everything about them. I saw a photo of some chocolate cookies here too. I would love for you to share the recipe- they look delicious! =)

  3. Weddings are so romantic and enchanting, don’t you love them. It’s a chance to share one’s love, experience and live with someone. These period pieces are beautiful. The first one is my favorite but I’m involved in helping to plan a wedding myself and this dress takes our breathe away. It wins on elegance, simplicity and form. http://www.kekopeanstitches.com/strapless-organza-wedding-dress.html My girlfriend has contacted kekopeanstitches about this one to find out if it could be made to her size as she’s a plus size girl. Perhaps y’all and weigh in on her choice and tell us what you think – she’s a size 16.

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