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Then&Now- Go West

Then- The book ‘Hard Twist,’ written by Barbara Van Cleve with her black & white images, was published in 1995. Spanning over a decade, Van Cleve traveled the wild west states- Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico and others. Instead of photographing cowboys, she focused her lens on their female counterpart. Her portraits capture these hardworking yet tender women ranchers at their best.

Portraits- Kim Davis, CS Ranch, 1986 (top right), Melody Harding, Bar Cross Ranch, 1986 (middle left), Kim Davis, 1986 (middle left) and Dee Dee Dickinson, Vermillion Ranch, 1993 (bottom)


Now- Ben Weller’s color images have a similar western flavor. Shot at the Zapata Ranch in Colorado for UK Harper’s Bazaar, March 2015.

Fashion details-  Gucci knitwear & jeans (top left), Miu Miu taffeta/silk mix ruffled blouse & brocade skirt (middle right) and Ralph Lauren silk shirt & leather pants (bottom left). Hat and boots are model’s own.

Then&Now- Photography Postal Stamp


Then- The U.S. postal service introduces the 15 cent photography stamp in 1978.


Now- A single stamp on ebay for $1.

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Then&Now- Laura Ashley Sweater


Then- Laura Ashley blue wool sweater from her collection in 1984.

Now- Thirty years later this sweater still looks great. It’s updated with black leggings and oxfords. At the neckline is a large safety pin with beads (inspired by Marc Jacobs pin clutch) that holds the flipped up collar in place.

(Photos & Styling- © 2014 Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

Vintage Photos- Interior Space #3

Orange chair c. 1955-1965

Risom Rocker c. 2009 (available at DWR)

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Vintage School Photo #5

Long before texting, there was the ‘talking tree‘ where students tacked hundreds of messages to each other. This one was on the campus of the University of Chicago c. 1950.

A Page From…

…Vanity Fair Magazine, 1997.

The kitchen of restauranteur Keith McNally.

(Photo- James Mortimer)

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~candid spaces~

Summer Camp Kitchen

Dorm Room

Vintage dorm room photos c. 1977.

Interior details- Rugby striped curtain, five drawer dresser, Grover, granny square afghan and  alarm clock.

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