portraitofabbeinwhiteshirt02-optWhenever I photograph someone new, I tell her/him that we’re learning a dance together. At first it’s awkward and strange. But in time we’ll relax, get to know each other, then we’ll just let go and enjoy the process. This is a portrait of Abbe from our first session.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Interiors- Where Do I Start?

When decorating a room, I love starting with a fireplace mantel. It seems that if I get that right (colors, accessories) then the rest of the design decisions (furniture, lighting, etc.) fall into place. And if by chance there isn’t an existing mantel, well…I find a blank wall and put one there. :)

colorfulfireplacemantelseriesofsix-optThe images (above) are all from my series of ideas based on a single fireplace mantel.

Top row- Colorful Colonial, A Botany Lesson, Fall’s Bounty

Bottom row- A Swedish Holiday, Mister Moore, Going Dark

Others- A Novelty, Juxtaposition

(Photos & Styling- Martha Browne)