Project 52- Review A Year Of Images (Weeks #1-#6)

(Photos: Week #1- A Portrait. Week #2- Around The House. Week #3- Shades Of Grey. Week #4- Repetition. Week #5- Muse. Week #6- Words)


Country Mouse

Nothing in fashion (past, present or future) beats the classic white shirt. It can be dressed up with velvet or dressed down with denim. Plus there’s a white shirt that fits every body type and price point.

(Photo- H&M white shirt with cuffs, $69.99)


Our son Curtis is still busy living and working in Prague. But whenever he has time off he loves to travel. Most recently he went to Florence, Italy. First stop was the Accademia D’Arte.

(Photo- Curtis Browne)

A Fun Look Back

Nine years ago I wrote this post about a Modern Country bathroom. In T Magazine (March 2019 issue) that same bathroom is photographed again. Not much has changed. All the beautiful basics are still there- large windows, wall of tile, concrete floor and Kohler tub. The few updates are with some wonderful accessories. A huge potted Australian tree fern replaces a stool and small vase of flowers. Hooks stand in for the old green painted sawhorse that held towels. The bathroom remains on my list of favorites.

(Photo- Blaine Davis)