IDEA- Collecting Bits & Bobs

Edward Collier’s letter rack trompe l’oeil painting c. 17th century (top), Ros Byam Shaw instagram of her mother’s three dimensional version of Collier’s rack (middle left), “Tea Set” letterpress tray by Rachel Bradley (middle right) and John Derian’s small box on his table (bottom).

IDEA- Pins

Not just one vintage pin but a collection of them adorn a sweater casually thrown over the shoulders. (Photo- Joyce NG for The Gentlewoman Magazine) Related Nib posts- Fall Accessory- D.I.Y. Yarn Doll Pin Grab Bag- Stick Pins A Favorite Brooch My Imaginary Magazine Cover- The Gentlewoman

IDEA- A Tad Cheeky

Spice up your living room with a cheeky painted portrait. (Photos- Yellow line portrait source unknown. Writing on the face portrait from The World of Interiors Magazine, August 2014. Altered woman from Chaos and Wonder Design on Etsy. Woman painting with pink bikini in the book ‘Amelia Handegan Rooms‘)

IDEA- Take Cover

A touch of Halloween decor can be as simple as covering your furniture and framed pictures in cotton drop cloths. (Photos- ‘Americana: Farmhouses and Manors of Long Island‘ by Kyle Marshall)