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Vocabulary #61: Hand Towel

hand towel- a small piece of cloth used to dry the hands or face.


Vera Neumann towel from Crate & Barrel.

(Photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)

Vocabulary #60: Mola

mola art form developed by the Kuna culture (indigenous people of Panama & Colombia) using a reverse applique technique.

Note- This large mola belongs to my parents. They purchased it in Panama (mid 1960’s) and it has been proudly displayed on a wall of their various homes ever since.

(Photo- ©2013 Martha Browne)

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Vocabulary #59: Adirondack Chair

adirondack chaira simple rustic wooden chair for outdoor use; originally designed with 11 flat boards, straight back and seat with wide armrests.


Chair from Crate & Barrel.

Vocabulary #58: Presidents’ Day

presidents’ daythe third Monday in February, observed in the United States as a legal holiday in commemoration of the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


(Book and artwork by Hanoch Piven)

Vocabulary #57: Primary Colors

primary colors- these are colors that cannot be made from mixing other colors; instead, primary colors are the source of other colors. primary colors are yellow, red and blue.




(Photo 3 Colors- Martha B.)

Vocabulary #56: October

october- considered the second month of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

(Letter Collage- Martha B.)

Vocabulary #55: Hideaway

hideaway- a place used as a retreat or hiding place.

(Top & above middle photo- Martha B. All other images are from the book ‘Cabin Fever: Sheds, Shelters, Huts And Hideaways‘ by Marie-France Boyer)

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