portraitofabbeinwhiteshirt02-optWhenever I photograph someone new, I tell her/him that we’re learning a dance together. At first it’s awkward and strange. But in time we’ll relax, get to know each other, then we’ll just let go and enjoy the process. This is a portrait of Abbe from our first session.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

On The Farm- Meet Cece

Cece is what farmers call a cattle donkey.They use donkeys like her to protect livestock. Once the donkey outlives its usefulness, most are sold and carted off to Mexico for slaughter. Cece was rescued from that fate.

cecebackend01-optShe’s at least 11-15 years old. That’s middle age for donkeys. Some can live upwards to 35 or even 40 depending on their health. When Cece first arrived at Barbara’s farm she stood off by herself. It took her weeks to relax among the other donkeys and us. You’re probably wondering why she looks a tad overweight. She’s not. Cece’s expecting a foal sometime in late summer.

cecedonkeyfront-opt(Photos- Martha Browne)

January/February- Person, Place & Thing

portraitofabbie1017-optPerson- The hard part of trying to learn photography, especially portrait photography, is finding a willing person to pose. Abbe has stepped in to fill the void as model. I took a few test shots of her recently and this is one of them.

ourcountrybarnenclosedside-optPlace– When we bought our farmhouse property it came with a barn. It was one of the first major projects we worked on. Scott enclosed this section (above) for storage. He installed three antique windows and crafted a wooden door around back.

marblepaperblick-optThing- Two sheets of handmade marbleized paper from Blick. What should I do with them?

(Photos- Martha Browne)