(Photo- Martha Browne)


Decorating Our Farmhouse

#10. Things can go wrong or simply not work out in the actual design of a space. What should have been straightforward with putting in new windows for our master bedroom & bath turned into a royal headache. To make a long story short- the wrong windows were ordered by the salesperson. By the time we caught the mistake our friend Daniel had already installed four out of the six. My husband and I tried to return them. Instead we got the run-around. We ended up having to keep them. Then our plan to relocate the master bath to another part of the house got shelved. The time and expense became an issue. Regardless of the disappointments, we are busy with the last of the painting and trimwork.

Note– A sample of the floral fabric (above) I’m planning to use for window treatments.

(Photo- Martha Browne)