Hide And Seek

danielleinrustshortsfashion02-optFashion details- Levi’s denim shirt, H&M shorts with paperbag waist, Anthropologie scarf and field binoculars.


BCBG sleeveless cotton blouse, LL Bean hiking pants, Lauren socks, sandals, Tula hat, wood beaded necklace and model’s own sunglasses. Levi’s denim shirt, WHO.A.U. jeans, leather belt and Anthropologie scarf.

hideseeksafarigreenjacketdenim-optLL Bean jacket, H&M linen shirt, deep cuffed WHO.A.U. jeans and sandals.

(Photos & Styling- Martha Browne. Assist- Margot K. Model- Danielle)

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Nibs Fashion Photo Shoot #1

Fashion Sidebar

You’ll be seeing a lot more of my friend Hillary on Nibs this year. Although a busy college student, she’s agreed to join Margot and me in a few simple photo shoots.

Here’s one we pulled together using what we already had except for two inexpensive purchases (shirt and vest) from Goodwill.

Click images to enlarge.


Styling Tips- 1. Fur scarf and saddle shoes adds zip to check pants and floral print shirt.


2. Big hoop earrings are fun with a knit cap. Try tucking long hair under a coat’s collar, too. 3. Layer a knit sweater beneath a short sleeve dress. 4. Don’t worry about the difference in hem lengths (dress and coat).


5. Bright yellow vest lifts spirits on a cloudy winter day. 6. Hold a ponytail in place with a leather barrette and wooden pin (similar on etsy).

Styling & Hair- Martha B. & Margot K.

Makeup & Model- Hillary H.

Photos & Layout- Martha B.

Day Shift

Two sleeveless shift style dresses bought at a local consignment shop are the inspiration behind this little fashion photo shoot. Accessories include vintage bags, scarf, hat and jewelery. Click images (top & bottom) to enlarge.

Styling- Martha B. & Margot K.

Hair & Makeup- Hope G.

Models- Hope G. & Hillary H.

Photos- Martha B.

D.I.Y.- Detachable Collars

I’m absolutely smitten with the Fall fashion trend of detachable collars. And when Chelsea of ‘Frolic’ posted a tiered collar pattern that I could download…well, I just had to try it.

After working with the pattern, I have two sewing tips- first, cut the collar pieces out of an old sheet so you can get the feel of the pattern and to troubleshoot any potential problems you might have. Second, take your time. On the whole, the pattern is wonderful and easy to use. In fact, I took it and tweaked it to create these three collars.

#1. The basic pattern called for doing the collar all in one fabric. I did it with two different vintage fabrics. Because these samples were thicker, I did an outline stitch to make the collars lie flat. I also opted out of the original bias tape ties in favor of a simple snap covered by an old button.

(Fall fashion details- detachable collar, Gap knit vest, fur/applique jacket & skinny jeans)

#2. This was fun! I knitted with wool yarn a square piece (27″ x 27″) and felted it in my washer and dryer. Afterward I took the larger of the two pattern pieces and used it as my guide to cut out the collar. No sewing required. The closure is a black silk covered hook & eye.

(Winter fashion details- detachable collar, vintage Laura Ashley cardigan & Gap checked shirt worn as a skirt)

#3. I followed the pattern and only deviated from it by using the same tablecloth fabric for the ties.

(Spring/Summer fashion details- detachable collar, sleeveless white t-shirt & Gap strapless blue dress)

Styling- Martha B., Margot K., Hope G. & Hillary H.

Hair & Makeup- Hope G.

Model- Hillary H.

Photos & Layout- Martha B.

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D.I.Y.- Bandana Top

D.I.Y.- Bandana Top

A fun top made with a simple bandana scarf.


Bandana (at least 22 to 27 inches), red yarn for finger crochet chain ties (other options would be ribbon, string, etc), safety pin, red thread and sewing machine.


1. Take your bandana and flip it to the wrong side. Next place it at an angle. Fold over one corner (A).

2. Sew a 1/2 inch seam at the top. This is your neck casing.

3. Finger crochet 3 chains (or use ribbon, string, etc.)…making a long strand (42 to 48 inches) for your neck and two shorter strands (18 to 22 inches each) to tie at your waist. Note- you can always go shorter with the strands…it’s up to you.

4. Attach a safety pin to your longer strand (or ribbon, string, etc.) and feed it through the casing. Remove pin.

5. Take the other crocheted chain ties (or ribbon, string, etc.) and sew one at each corner of the bandana. (B & C)

Fashion details- Boy’s department denim shorts, Anthropologie leather sandals, Tula straw hat and blue nail polish.

Styling- Martha B. & Margot K.

Model- Hillary H.

Photos & Layout- Martha B.

Nibs Fashion Photo Shoot #6

I’ve passed this old yellow house countless times and always with the thought of using it as a backdrop for some fashion photos. Last weekend I got together with friends Hillary, Hope and Margot for an impromptu clothing session- all of us brought a bunch of stuff from our closets. Margot put on her ‘Mamas & Papas’ tape and before long Hillary (left) and Hope (right) were dressed in 1970’s inspired outfits. And I knew just where I wanted to photograph them! Click top image to enlarge.

Photographs & Layout- Martha B.

Styling- Martha B., Margot K., Hope G., and Hillary H.

Makeup- Hope G. and Hillary H.

Models- Hope G. and Hillary H.

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Nibs Fashion Photo Shoot #4

I don’t know about you but I tend to dream big. Always have. Lately I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to photograph a cover and provide an accompanying article for British Vogue Magazine. I couldn’t resist giving it a try…even if it’s just for my own blog. And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get a call from the editor at Vogue asking me to do it. Nibs readers will be the first to know. :)

Note: A special thanks to the Remedi for their kind gift of the dress.

Photographs & Layout- Martha B.

Styling- Martha B. & Margot K.

Hair, Makeup & Model- Hope G.

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Nibs Fashion Photo Shoot #3

Margot and I had been talking for weeks about doing a fashion photo shoot for the holidays. So, last Monday and Thursday we were able to catch Hope between college classes to model a bunch of fun Christmas party clothing pulled from our two closets.

Click the images to enlarge.

Photographs & Layout- Martha B.

Styling- Martha B., Margot K.

Makeup & Model- Hope G.

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