‘Little Women’…Again

After six movie adaptions (including Katherine Hepburn, June Alyson & Winona Ryder having played the budding author Jo March), ten made for TV programs, one musical and one opera ….’Little Women‘ returned with a BBC version seen over the holidays. It hits the United States in May. I wonder how this production will stack up to all the others.


“Listen, sweet, I repeat…

…How longĀ  has this been going on?”

audreyhepburnfunnyfacebenjaminseidlerhbmagazine-opt Fashion details- ‘Funny Face’ star Audrey Hepburn wears Gucci vest, skirt, turtleneck, hat, bag & shoes.

(Artwork- Benjamin Seidler for Harper’s Bazaar, March 2017)

All My Life

Linus Larrabee: (looking through the camera lens) “…Quaint little fishing village. Ocean…ocean…lighthouse. Guy going into the lighthouse. There’s a job for you. What must that be like? What kind of guy takes a job keeping a lighthouse?”

Sabrina Fairchild: (retrieving her camera from Linus) Every time I look through a camera, I’m surprised. Like finding yourself in the middle of a story, like you just did. What kind of guy takes a job keeping a lighthouse? I think I’ve been taking pictures all my life…long before I ever had a camera.”

-Dialog from the movie ‘Sabrina’ 1995 with Harrison Ford as Linus and Julia Ormond as Sabrina.


Kathy: Sometimes I take a picture that isn’t like me. But I took it…so it is like me. It has to be. I put those pictures away.

Joe Turner: I’d like to see those pictures.

Kathy: We don’t know each other that well.

Joe Turner: Do you know anybody that well?

– Dialog from ‘Three Days of the Condor’ 1975 film with Robert Redford as Turner and Faye Donaway as Kathy.

Movie Gems

Movie Gem- ‘The Station Agent’ ( 2003)

What does a dwarf named Finn have in common with a grieving woman, a talkative Cuban and a chunky second grader? More than you might think. My husband and I watched ‘The Station Agent’ and were instantly captivated by the characters. Finn is a quiet man working in a model train store. He spends all his waking hours avoiding the stares and ridicule of people. His boss, who is his only friend, dies and leaves him an abandoned railroad station in a rural town somewhere in New Jersey. Finn walks the tracks near his new home seeking solitude however that’s not what the future holds for him. He may be short in stature but Finn has a very big heart.

A Page From…

…’You Can’t Take It With You.’

A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman, 1936

Essie (a girl of twenty nine wearing ballet slippers enters the living room)- My, that kitchen’s hot.

Penny (Essie’s mother, working at a typewriter)- What, Essie?

Essie- I say the kitchen’s awful hot. That new candy I’m making…it just won’t ever get cool.

Penny- Do you have to make candy today, Essie? It’s such a hot day.

Essie- Well, I got all those new orders. Ed (Essie’s husband) went out and got a bunch of new orders. (She begins a leg limbering exercise on a chair)

Penny- My, if that keeps on I suppose you’ll be opening up a store.

Essie- That’s what Ed was saying last night (Leans body forward), but I said No, I want to be a dancer.

Penny- The only trouble with dancing is, it takes so long. You’ve been studying a long time.

Essie- (Slowly drawing a leg up behind her as she talks) Only…eight…years. After all, Mother, you’ve been writing plays for eight years. We started about the same time, didn’t we?

Penny- Yes, but you shouldn’t count my first two years, because I was learning to type.

True Grit

True Grit‘ by Charles Portis first appeared as a serial for ‘The Saturday Evening Post’ in 1968. Later that year it was put in book form. A hastily adapted script was written for a western film in 1969 starring John Wayne. He went on to win an Academy Award for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn. Several remakes and sequels followed. Opening this week in our local theater is the latest one by the Coen brothers starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and rising star Haile Steinfeld.

Fashion Details-

1. Heather tweed overcoat– Ebay

2. Boots- Yuketen

3. Distressed leather belt– J.Crew

4. Rounded felt hat– Rag & Bone

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Update 1/22/2011- Another gritty western has to be ‘The Naked Spur‘ directed by Anthony Mann. If you haven’t seen it yet…rent it! I’d love to see how the Coen brothers would remake this one.