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A Note


Nibs Readers,

I’m still recovering from oral surgery so posting on the blog will be light for a while. In the mean time, feel free to look through the categories.

Warm regards,


Happy Easter!

rabbitdrawingegg-optNibs Readers,

Here’s wishing you a lovely Easter holiday. I’m taking a break from the blog, but I’ll be back here bright and early on Wednesday, April 15.

Warm regards,


Family Life- The Funnel Effect

As my husband and I search for a new old home I realize how much the process resembles a funnel. The fullest part of the funnel holds our dream- all the things that we feel we can’t live without and the affordable price tag.


Then we start looking at places online and visiting properties. The dream gets squeezed and those things that we deemed important are being discarded in order to fit the narrowest part of the funnel called reality.

First Design Job


I found this old blueprint while sifting through paperwork. It’s from my very first commercial design job. I was hired to update an eat-in deli with new flooring, tile, furniture, etc. I didn’t sleep well for weeks working on this project. How did it turn out? Not too bad. The owners were happy and I got paid. :)

(Artist Rendition Blueprint- Martha Browne)

A Birthday Card



Grandma always liked to take things and add her own special touches to them. She bought this simple birthday card from the 5 & 10 store. Then cut and pasted a picture from the Sears catalog that looked like me on the front. As always, she contributed extra verse for the inside. My grandmother has been gone for many years now, but there isn’t a month that goes by that I don’t think of her…and miss her.

Family Life- Looking To The Future


I don’t write too much about my personal life here on Nibs. But, I thought I’d share two big changes for me and my husband. First our son, Curt has left home. Yes…it’s the empty nest. With him gone comes the second change. It’s time to sell our beloved old house and move. When, where and how? That all remains ahead in the coming months.



What remains of my birthday tulips.

(iPhone 5c image- Martha Browne)