Sneak Peek

I started this project a year ago and then took a break. Now I’m ready to finish it up. Can you guess what I’m up to?

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Fireside Chats

A series of images where the fireplace takes center stage.

#7. Rather than install another wood mantel, the homeowners decided to just paint the exposed chimney brick instead. The fireplace and the gold framed antique portrait complements this simple yet elegant dining space.

(Photo- Steve Gross & Susan Daley)

Lil’Pix #101: Rustic Foyer

I love how this small entryway makes up for its lack of space by the selections of paint colors, furniture and accessories.  Rough plaster walls and floors are a pale yellow and a grass-green. Furniture is minimal. A simple book shelf is topped with a plank whose contents are concealed with a bold striped fabric thumb tacked in place. Note how the black chair picks up the dark frames of the pictures on the wall. Natural objects such as the bird nests and the three walking sticks are perfect rustic complements.

(Photo- Steve Gross and Sue Daley from the book ‘Lost & Found‘)

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Lil’Pix #100: Dynamic Duo

I’ve always been impressed with the interiors done by the talented team of  William Diamond and Anthony Baratta. They make decorating seem effortless and downright cheerful by their fearless use of colors, patterns and repurposed antiques. An early example of their work is this bedroom from an apartment in New York City. The bed was purchased as an old sofa which they had cut and fashioned into a bed. Pure genius! The graphic bed linens are a clever counterpoint to the playful hanging quilt done by the yet unknown artist Denyse Schmidt.

(New York Times design supplement- 1990’s)

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Lil’Pix #99: Kitchen Shelves

As newlyweds my husband and I rented two different apartments. In each one, I insisted we take all the doors off the kitchen cabinets. I loved the idea of having everything out in the open. But when we bought our first house it seemed the grown up thing to have doors. And we did it again in our present house. Now I must be in a mid life crisis because I want my shelves back!

(Photo- Laura Ashley catalog, 1983, advertising their new line of kitchen/bath tile.)

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