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…’Miss Violet’s Doll’s House‘ By Sam McKechnie, 2017.


On The Farm- Donkey Updates

Several of you inquired about the donkeys and how they’re doing.

Beatrice She’s made major improvements in letting me touch her. The back hoofs are still off limits, though.

Cece Poor girl. She’s had a rough few months after delivering Dusty. Her health declined and she was agitated most of the time. One evening while putting her hay down, she reached out and bit me in the shoulder. I called Barbara and we discussed what to do. Cece has now been on an increased diet of hay, supplements and vitamins. Her health has gotten better and because of that…her mood is better, too.

Audrey She has a lot of energy and needs to have some sort of purpose. I had started clicker training (more on this later) but her lessons slowed down after Dusty was born. She became bored and started girdling a tree in the paddock. The tree trunk is now covered in a tarp…much to Audrey’s disappointment.

DustyHe’s growing up fast. Although he gets a lot of his nourishment from nursing, Dusty began eating out of Cece’s morning feed bucket. He now has one of his own which makes him feel like a big donkey.

Curtis says goodbye to the donkeys (left to right)- Audrey, Dusty, Cece & Beatrice.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

Summer Break


I’ll be taking a few weeks off from Nibs while our son Curtis is home from Prague. Posting will resume on Monday, July 17.

Warm regards,

(Photo of Curtis with the neighbor’s dog, 2004- Martha Browne)

Family Life- Looking Back

I’ve been going through old photographs lately. Here’s a personal favorite.

Curtis, age 8, has always loved nature. That year for Halloween he asked me if we could make him into “dirt with lots of bugs.” We came up with the idea of doing a soil cross section- a rubber grass hat and a brown sweatshirt with painted plant roots. Assorted plastic bugs were hot glued in place.

(Photo- Martha Browne)