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A Page From…

Rosie Flo’s Garden Coloring Book, 2009.

(Add heads, legs, etc.)


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Inspired By…

…’Girls Standing On Lawns‘ by Maira Kalman And Daniel Handler, 2014.

Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler sifted through MoMA‘s archive of old snapshots and found a lot them had to do with the same theme- girls on lawns waiting for a family member or friend to take their picture. So, they selected some favorites and got busy- Kalman with her illustrations and Handler with his prose to accompany them.

For me… I got busy photographing Kayla sitting on the lawn. :)


Fashion details- Tie-dyed shirt and sneakers with cotton shorts are all model’s own.

(Photo- Martha Browne. Model- Kayla)



(Photo- Martha Browne)

Three Easter Centerpieces


#1. Quail eggs with blue ribbon– design skool (top left). #2. Robin eggs speckled with edible gold paint- Honestly Yum (top right). #3. A moss covered wire chicken with eggs- Sweet Paul (bottom).

A Page From…

…Betty Crocker’s New Boys And Girls Cookbook, 1957.


“…Twenty-five girls and boys, just your age, selected and tested all the recipes and food ideas that you’ll find in this book…” – Betty Crocker

Note- If you haven’t seen ‘MasterChef Junior‘ I urge you to give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by kids (ages 8-13) and their skill in the kitchen. The season has ended but you can catch previous episodes on Hulu.



(Photo- Martha Browne)

Fireside Chats

A series of magazine images where the fireplace takes center stage.


#2. Even though the current owners made many updates in their 1708 home, they made a conscious effort to retain the fireplaces. This one is in a child’s bedroom. The mantel was stripped down to its natural pine finish and simply decorated with three framed prints.

(Photo- House & Garden Magazine)