(Photo- Martha Browne)


Decorating Our Farmhouse

The summer was packed with house renovation activities that have now spilled over into autumn. Our friend Daniel joined us for ten days of intense construction. Then he headed home to the northeast leaving Scott and me to continue working. The image above shows the progress we’ve made so far with the laundry room. Still lots of do but it’s taking shape.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Decorating Tip From Grace Coddington

“…This home isn’t actually designed. It’s just full of stuff because my life is full. I can’t help myself. I keep thinking I’m very minimal, but actually, I’m the worst. I’m finally ready to own up to the extent of things that I’ve amassed- at the ripe old age of 77!”

Grace Coddington, contributor for Vogue Magazine, book author and “…lazy country lady.”

(Photo- Eric Boman for Architectural Digest, 2018)

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