Project 52- A Year Of Images

Week #51– B Is For Bird

(Photo- Martha Browne)


Country Mouse

Then- Farm animals, especially cows, have always been popular subjects for artwork. You can still find dozens of antique paintings on eBay and other online auctions. Prices will vary from under a $100 into the thousands. (Cow oil painting currently on eBay, cow painting from One Kings Lane and Tansey’s fun cow print is available here.)

Now- Photography has replaced classic paintings with all kinds of affordable prints. (Stafford’s cow from One Kines Lane, my own cow negative and Sisi & Seb’s cow image.)

Country Mouse

  1. The Way We Live In The country’ by Stafford Cliff & Gilles De Chabaneix, 2011. A favorite of mine. The first chapter has a pictorial overview of life in the country from various parts of the world. Other chapters focus on the country home itself whether it be traditional or contemporary.
  2.  ‘Living In The Countryside’ by Barbara & René Stoeltie, 2003. A tome that covers country decorating in Europe and America at its very best
  3. A Simpler Way Of Life‘ by William Morgan & Trevor Tondro, 2013. After living in Massachusetts and attending college in New York, I’ve been captivated by the old architecture of the northeast ever since.
  4. Country Style’ by Judith & Martin Miller, 1990. An oldie but goodie.
  5. Nora Murphy’s Country House Style‘ by Nora Murphy, 2018. The newest book in my collection. It’s a true testament that country style endures.

Country Mouse

#1. Painted portrait c. 1800-1860

#2. Round magnifying glass held by ribbon

#3. Topiary

#4. Postcard- artwork by Degas 1876

#5. Antique initialed wood box

#6. Polka dot sugar & creamer from Hobby Lobby

#7. Vintage 8″ artist model

#8. Old books

#9. Silhouette of shipbuilder c. 1790

#10. Italian alabaster stone peach

(Photo- Martha Browne)

A Solution

This painted portrait was an inexpensive purchase (a mere $12) but the face was not well done. What to do? Then I remembered a similar situation for the design team (Tara Mangini & Percy Bright) of Jersey Ice Cream Co. They took a not-so-nice looking portrait and attached vintage envelopes with string right over the face. I dug out some old postcards and did the same thing. Perfect…especially since my portrait has the person holding a letter in her hand!

(Left photo– Beth Kerby for Remodelista. Right photo- Martha Browne)