Inspirational Blog- ‘My Closet In Sketches’

‘My Closet In Sketches’ is just as the name implies. It’s chock full of wonderful fashion renderings from the author Lauren’s closet along with her own fun and quirky commentary.

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Inspirational Blog- ‘A Collection A Day’

collection- set of items or objects procured by an individual

For several months I’ve been following the blog ‘A Collection A Day‘ as the author/artist Lisa Congdon posts a different group of objects each day. Some of my favorites so far- golf tees, number 5, coloring crayons, and  light bulbs.

Lisa’s delightful blog inspired me to pull out a few of my own collections which I’ve photographed below-

All my old egg beaters have red handles.

My interest in globes started with the bank in the second row on the left. The smallest globe is actually a pencil sharpener!

Here are just a few vintage postage stamps from Japan. They’re part of a large world stamp collection.

I display these wooden/metal shoe molds on the steps of my stair case.

I love natural objects. All of the bird nests above were found on my parent’s farm in upstate New York.

Some other things I collect- vintage picnic baskets, red and white enamelware, kitchen tools, wicker suitcases, photographs, butterflies, and ABC books.

What collections do you have?

(Photos- Martha B.)

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Inspirational Blog- ‘Amateur Couture’

Inspirational Blog- ‘Amateur Couture’

Art and fashion have always had a close relationship. Each often pulling ideas from the other. What a delightful surprise to find the blog ‘Amateur Courture‘ whose author puts a wide range of art work alongside designer clothing with some amazing results. I was inspired by what I saw there, so I tried my own combination with artist Elizabeth Bauman and designer Marc Jacobs-

Army Days

art: Elizabeth Bauman * fashion: Marc Jacobs