Then&Now- Egg Crates

1. White ceramic egg crate– Crate & Barrel

2. Blue egg crate/serving plate– Antrhopologie (also available in white)

3. Crate for nine eggs– West Elm

Note- Any of these would be great to use on your Easter table.

(Top photos of Hope & crate- Martha B.)

Update 7/13/2011– Small ceramic egg crate holds two eggs…actually they’re salt & pepper shakers!

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Happy Easter!

Then&Now Series

Our Easter


Holidays are hard for people who have no family nearby. That includes us. This year we invited some friends who are in the same boat. And you know what? We had a great time! I made a simple meal- turkey breast, mashed potatoes, tossed salad and boiled brussel sprouts. For dessert my husband baked his famous angel food cake served with fresh raspberries and coffee. We ate, talked and laughed a lot. What did you do for the holiday?

(Photo of our dining room set for Easter lunch)