A Page From…

…’Miss Violet’s Doll’s House‘ By Sam McKechnie, 2017.


Christmas Craft #30- Sweet Gum Seed Pods

Not sure how other people feel about sweet gum tree seed pods but I’m forever complaining about raking them up or picking them out of donkey hoofs. But I must admit they don’t look too bad in a dome tied with Christmas ribbon.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Fall Accessory- D.I.Y. Yarn Doll Pin

The humble yarn doll gets fashionable as shown in UK Vogue. Here’s how to make your own pin. (Photo- Glen Luchford, September 2017)


  1. Take a ball of yarn and begin wrapping strands around a piece of cardboard or book. For a brooch keep the size small…no bigger than five inches. After achieving the desired thickness, cut from the ball.
  2. At the top of the cardboard slip a strand underneath the yarn. Tie it off. Remove the cardboard. To create the head you measure down. Take another strand and tie it off.
  3. Place yarn on both sides for the arms. Use strands to tie each one. Cut ends.
  4. Another strand tied makes the torso.
  5. As you did with the arms, place yarn on both sides for legs, then tie and cut. Lastly attach a safety pin to the back.