Nature Study

Photographer Martyn Thomson’s 1929 home in New York state is surrounded by trees and wild flowers.

(Photo- WSJ Magazine, June 2020)


This is my neighbor Rhonda’s pet rooster. The first thing you need to know about him is that he’s a survivor. Last summer all his family of fellow roosters and hens got killed by a fox or raccoon. He’s the only one left that made it out alive. Hence his name…Uno.

In that struggle to live, Uno lost most of his back feathers except for two that stick out like fingers doing the peace sign. It doesn’t seem to bother him. He still proudly crows in the morning and struts around the farmyard intimidating Rhonda’s other pet- her cat Hazel.

During warm weather Uno goes freely in and out of the house through a torn section of the front screen door.

Recently, Rhonda told me that she plans to move. I asked her about Uno and she quickly assured me that Uno is moving with her and Hazel. Here’s wishing all of them a smooth transition in their new place.

(Photos- Martha Browne)