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Haversack- Spring Preview 2015

haversackwomencollectionspring2015-optI’ve been a follower of Haversack since 2010 and their clothing designs never cease to inspire. This Spring’s collection is a subtle play on the best of classics- blue and white.

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Grab Bag- A Floral Mix


Lu Flux’s made-to-order floral shirtdress uses her own source of vintage fabrics.

Spring Break


Fashion details- Armani red silk dress with ballet flats.

(Photo- Hilary Walsh. Stylist- Sarah Clark. Red Magazine, 2015)

Rosetta Getty- Spring Preview 2015


The designer to watch is Rosetta Getty with her wonderful layers of tunics, jumpers and single-button coats.

On The Road


Fashion details- Tweed jacket, cord trousers, check shirt, knit vest, tie & wool coat all by Margaret Howell. Antique lace handkerchief, Herbert Johnson hat with pheasant feather and Loftus leather golfing shoes.

(Photo- Alex Chatelain for British Vogue Magazine, 1977)

Fashion Character Photo


The Romantic c. 1905-1910

Hair- Tuck It In

tucking hair in-funnel-coat-pull&bear-opt

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