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Spring Linen


Fashion details- Isa Arfen linen cape, Joseph linen/organza shirt & matching skirt and Electric Feathers headband.

(Photo- Rory Payne for UK Vogue, 2015)

YMC- Spring 2015

youmustcreateclothingspringFashion details- Cotton sweatshirt & pants (top left), jacket & culottes with striped tee (top right), sleeveless shirt & shorts (bottom left), cable knit sweater and bow front shorts (bottom right).

Fashion Character Card


Dress. Click image to enlarge.

More Is More


Fashion details- Lanvin jacquard coat and silk dress, Loewe pink clutch with Prada pumps.


Missoni trench coat, Loewe cotton top, leather pants & mules with Vicki Turbeville silver/turquoise jewelry.


Prada linen coat & skirt, Vera Wang top with Loewe mules.

(Photos- Liz Collins. Styling- Samira Nasr. Elle Magazine, April 2015)

Colenimo- Spring 2015

colenimospring2015collage-optFashion details- Crepe-de-chine navy blue dress (top right), short sleeve blouse & shorts (middle right), Irish linen trousers & jacket (bottom right), hand dyed silk vest & trousers (top left) and sleeveless tee & striped skirt (bottom left).

Fashion Character Photo


The Country Girl c. 1935-1940

Inspired Wedding Photographs

Looking to find fresh ideas for your wedding day? Try going through sites like ebay for old photographs. They can trigger an idea or a whole bunch of ideas.


Wearing blue in 1950. Wearing blue in 2015. Click image to enlarge.

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