Snap To It

Fashion details- Cleo Prickett cropped plaid pants with hem snaps.


Country Mouse

Nothing in fashion (past, present or future) beats the classic white shirt. It can be dressed up with velvet or dressed down with denim. Plus there’s a white shirt that fits every body type and price point.

(Photo- H&M white shirt with cuffs, $69.99)

Country Mouse

The barn jacket is essential for working on the farm, and they’re plenty out there to choose from. My pick is the J.Crew unisex jacket inspired from the company’s 1983 version. It’s lightweight enough so you can layer underneath (think fleece shirt), has waist pockets (great for holding a hoof pick or gloves), button closure (forget zippers!) and machine washable. My only lament is that the barn jacket doesn’t come in darker colors.