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YMC- Spring 2015

youmustcreateclothingspringFashion details- Cotton sweatshirt & pants (top left), jacket & culottes with striped tee (top right), sleeveless shirt & shorts (bottom left), cable knit sweater and bow front shorts (bottom right).

Fashion Character Photo


The Preppy, DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Racetrack in 1957

Trademark- Spring 2015

trademarkspring015-optFashion details- Long sleeve sweater with gradient buttons and side tie skirt (top left). Slightly flared pants and pleat front top (top right). V-neck sheath dress (bottom left). Woven plaid dress (bottom right).

Double Stripes


Fashion details- Canvas orange/gray sweater worn over J.Crew blue/cream nautical shirt with classic khaki trousers.

(Photo & Styling- Martha Browne. Model- Danielle)

A Fashion Favorite- Blue And White

Oh…the beauty of blue and white. It really is hard to beat. The two colors look great on everyone- men, women and kids. A simple wardrobe of pieces can be bought inexpensively. And every year you can easily add to it. For this small photo shoot I did just that. I pulled from my own closet a few favorites and mixed in some new blue and white purchases. (click images to enlarge)


Fashion details- Ralph Lauren sweater. Necklace and ring are model’s own (left). Drawstring trousers & cotton jacket, Gap white ribbed t-shirt, blue rope bracelet, silver anchor earrings and LL Bean striped hat (right).


LL Bean hat with Macy’s blue and white swimsuit.


LL Bean sailor shirt, Old Navy white shorts and nautical slip-on Vans (left). Ikea towel, Vans and Ralph Lauren sunglasses (right).


Blouse from Goodwill.


Gap collarless tunic, drawstring trousers, LL Bean hat and wire fish earrings.

(Photos & Styling- Martha Browne. Model- Danielle. Shells- Paper Pizazz)

Leisure Suit


Fashion details- Prada jacket & skirt suit, shirt, belt and shoes. Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses.

(Photo- Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar, 2015)

Fashion Character Photo


The Classic c. 1935- 1940