Fashionable Necklines

Nothing beats a printed scarf. Just add a pair of dangling earrings that match it (top left). Sunglasses in an unexpected shade of green are hung from the coat’s button hole (top right). Flip up the turtleneck for a fun burst of color and much needed warmth (middle left). Layer in two shirts with contrasting collars (middle right). Wool fringed scarf worn purposely with the tag showing. All clothing & accessories from Acne Studios.


Another Look At Clothing Re-created

Ten years ago I wrote a post looking at reclaimed clothing done over by Rowan Knitting Catalog. This time UK Elle Magazine, September 2018 takes up the creative challenge.

The Knit. Sleeves are removed from a Serotonin Vintage sweater. Worn with a Marc & Spencer suit, Gant shirt and Giorgio Armani boots.

The White Shirt. A timeless button-up Gant shirt is updated with iron-on patches. Worn with Rave Review plaid pants.

The Classic Trench. Cut Marc & Spencer coat’s hem into strips and sew an old silk scarf to the waist. Worn with With Nothing Underneath shirt and Vagabond shoes.

The Well-Loved Jeans. Customized jeans (two pairs cut and stitched to third pair). Worn with Harrods t-shirt and Jessie Western boots.

(Photos- Dougal MacArthur. Styling- Felicity Kay)