Country Mouse

penmanship (noun)- the art or skill of writing by hand.

If you’re interested in starting a penmanship collection, hunt for really unique samples in autograph books, ledgers, school papers, bank notes and land deeds. Prices will vary from a few dollars into the hundreds.

Country Mouse

This idea is from my friend Laurie. Begin by searching for an old empty clock case at an antique market or online. Since the mechanics have been removed the case shouldn’t be more than $20. You can cut and glue in tiny shelves (use wood pieces from Hobby Lobby) or leave as is. Paint the whole thing black. The final touch- Laurie selected three antique photos to place inside.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Country Mouse

Before heading home we did a quick tour of the outer buildings housing rabbits, cattle and all kinds of birds.

Good-bye state fair. See you next year.

(Photos- Martha Browne)