On My Re-Reading List

#27. Interior Design- ‘ Mary Emmerling’s American Country Classics‘ by Mary Emmerling and Carol Sheehan. Photographs by Chris Mead, 1990.

“…To me, American Country represents the most comfortable and meaningful identity one could ever hope to achieve for one’s home…”


On My Reading List

#26. Novel- ‘Love In A Dry Season‘ by Shelby Foote, 1951.

“Major Malcolm Barcroft was sixty-seven when he died, the last male of his line. Accompanied as it was by word of his daughter’s peculiar reaction, the announcement of his death caused people to remember many things about his life which they otherwise might have forgotten, as is usually the way in the formality of getting a man of property buried and awaiting the reading of his will.”

On My Re-Reading List

#25. Interior Design- ‘English Style’ by Suzanne Slesin & Stafford Cliff. Photography by Ken Kirkwood, 1984.

“…In the world we live in today, with satellites making everything visible, available anywhere, immediately, it is much more difficult to isolate an indigenous style, but I think there is still an underlying simplicity and understatement, combined with comfort and pleasure in the eclectic, that make the English style instantly recognizable…”