On My Reading List

#31- Biography. ‘The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters’ by Sam Kashner & Nancy Schoenberger, 2018.

“…The beautiful Bouvier girls- Jacqueline Lee and Caroline Lee- were bred to dazzle…”

“The great irony of their lives is that fate handed shy, introverted Jackie a role on the world stage- for much of her adult lifetime she was arguably the most famous and admired woman in the world- and Lee, who longed to shine was handed the lesser role of lady-in-waiting…”


Country Mouse

  1. The Way We Live In The country’ by Stafford Cliff & Gilles De Chabaneix, 2011. A favorite of mine. The first chapter has a pictorial overview of life in the country from various parts of the world. Other chapters focus on the country home itself whether it be traditional or contemporary.
  2.  ‘Living In The Countryside’ by Barbara & René Stoeltie, 2003. A tome that covers country decorating in Europe and America at its very best
  3. A Simpler Way Of Life‘ by William Morgan & Trevor Tondro, 2013. After living in Massachusetts and attending college in New York, I’ve been captivated by the old architecture of the northeast ever since.
  4. Country Style’ by Judith & Martin Miller, 1990. An oldie but goodie.
  5. Nora Murphy’s Country House Style‘ by Nora Murphy, 2018. The newest book in my collection. It’s a true testament that country style endures.

Something New

To kick off a new year here on Nibs, I decided to do an online magazine called ‘Country Mouse.’ This is to be the first of four seasonal issues. Curious about what’s inside? Here’s a peek.

(Cover, leaves and design photos – Martha Browne)

On My Reading List

#30- Books & Interiors. ‘Decorating A Room Of One’s Own- Conversations on Interior Design with Literary Notables’ by Susan Harlan, 2018.

“…A Chat With Miss Havisham (from the book ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens)- I like large rooms lighted with wax candles, long and mysterious passageways, and dust. No Swiffering for me. I say, let it pile up. Sometimes I light a fire in the grate, just to fill the home with smoke like a marsh mist. I prefer to surround myself with pale, destroyed objects that hint at heartbreak and despair…”

(Photo- BBC 2011 drama of ‘Great Expectations.’)