On My (Summer) Reading List

#15. History- ‘Elephant Company‘ by Vicki Constantine Croke, 2014.

” James Howard Williams was a World War ll legend. Newspapers and magazines around the world loved telling the story of the quietly charismatic war hero with a dash of mysticism, who could talk to elephants. He had gone to work in the teak industry in Burma in 1920, and over the years displayed a remarkable gift for understanding the hearts and minds of the great beasts who pushed, pulled, and dragged logs to the riverways…”

elephant-stamp-occupied-burma-opt(Postage stamp, occupied Burma by Japan c. 1940)

Pages From…

…’Berlin, The Remembrances Of A Camera’ Travel Booklet c. 1950.

vintagetravelbook1950s-opt” We are in Berlin, in a town that no one easily forgets, though in each case for a different reason. Now look! Over there is an omnibus. A lady gets out. Is she a Berliner? Or possibly an American or a Swiss? She hurries away, perhaps to a rendez-vous. The omnibus, that bright yellow Berlin double-decker, rumbles on.

berlincameratravelbookOver the seat she left in such haste a camera dangles. And there our story begins- the Berlin remembrances of a camera…”

On My Reading List

#14. Photography- ‘Deep South‘ By Sally Mann, 2005.

” Living in the South often means slipping out of temporal joint, a peculiar phenomenon that I find both nourishes and wounds. To identify a person as a Southern suggests not only that her history is inescapable and formative but that it is also impossibly present. Southerns live uneasily at the nexus between myth and reality, watching the mishmash amalgam of sorrow, humility, honor, graciousness, and renegade defiance play out against a backdrop of profligate physical beauty.”


(Photo- Sally Mann)

On My Reading List

#13. D.I.Y.- ‘The Thrifty Decorator‘ By Jocasta Innes, 1993.

“There it is, your own place, home, a blessed notion which probably means empty rooms, blank walls showing every crack and damp stain and bare boards. There is so much you need, so much to be done, and your bank account balance is a black hole. Where to begin?…”

thethriftydecoratorbook-opt(Illustration by Lynne Robinson & Richard Lowther)

Note- I just finished making bundle blinds on page 110 for the dining room windows. They came out simply perfect. :)