On My Reading List

#13. D.I.Y.- ‘The Thrifty Decorator‘ By Jocasta Innes, 1993.

“There it is, your own place, home, a blessed notion which probably means empty rooms, blank walls showing every crack and damp stain and bare boards. There is so much you need, so much to be done, and your bank account balance is a black hole. Where to begin?…”

thethriftydecoratorbook-opt(Illustration by Lynne Robinson & Richard Lowther)

Note- I just finished making bundle blinds on page 110 for the dining room windows. They came out simply perfect. :)

On My Reading List

#12. Nature- ‘The Wisdom Of Donkeys‘ By Andy Merrifield, 2008.

“…Time slows down amid donkeys. In their company things happen quietly and methodically. It’s hard to forget their innocent gaze. It’s a calm that instills calm. Your mind wanders, you dream, you go else where, yet somehow you remain very present…”

wisdom of donkeys book coverwalkingwithdonkeysboppyandpatrick-opt

Sharing the path to the barn with my favorite donkeys Boppy and Patrick.

(iPhone 5c image- Martha Browne)

Endpapers #11

“Before mass printing in the 20th century it was common for endpapers of books to have paper marbling. Sometimes the endpapers were used for maps or other relevant information. They are also the traditional place for bookplates or owner’s inscription…” – Wikipedia

triciafoleybookendpapers-optDesigner Tricia Foley cleverly had her inspiration boards photographed for the endpapers of her new book ‘Life|Style: Elegant Simplicity At Home.’

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On My Reading List

#11. Photography- ‘Portraits‘ By Rineke Dijkstra, 2002.

“…It’s like what Diane Arbus said, you are looking for the ‘gap between intention and effect.’ People think that they present themselves one way, but they cannot help but show something else as well. It’s impossible to have everything under control. But when I try to photograph somebody, especially the full body, it always makes them wonder ‘oh, what am I going to do with my hands,etc.’ And I think, retrospectively, I really used that more or less with the beach photos…”


On My Reading List

#10. Photography- ‘ A Summer’s Day‘ By Joel Meyerwitz, 1985.

“…Summertime, more than any other time of the year, brings me to a state of mind where this dual relationship is fluid, in harmony. In summer, I go back for a while to that other time. I shed my clothes, walk to the waters edge, and step in. I feel nature all around me. I wear it as a skin. I stare into space as long as I can. I look deeply into other faces. I lie in the sand and in the grass, feeling for what it felt like the first time. Summer is a time for remembering; it’s the time when growing things make seeds that are their memory. It’s a time for taking in…”