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A Page From…

…Betty Crocker’s New Boys And Girls Cookbook, 1957.


“…Twenty-five girls and boys, just your age, selected and tested all the recipes and food ideas that you’ll find in this book…” – Betty Crocker

Note- If you haven’t seen ‘MasterChef Junior‘ I urge you to give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by kids (ages 8-13) and their skill in the kitchen. The season has ended but you can catch previous episodes on Hulu.

On My Reading List

#5. Decorating- ‘Perfect English‘ by Ros Byam Shaw, 2007.

” In the context of decorating, ‘Perfect English’ is something of a contradiction…We like our chic to be shabby, our grandeur to be faded— perfection is a very non- English quality.” - Roger Jones


(Photos- Chris Tubbs)

Garden Note #90: Japanese Ikebana

I bought the book ‘Japanese Ikebana For Every Season‘ by Rie Imai and Yuji Ueno out of curiosity.


Ikebana is the term for the traditional Japanese art of flowering arranging. The book is divided into four chapters based on the seasons. It has dozens of suggestions for flowers with interesting containers. Several pages showed quirky things re-purposed and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. A rusted faucet discovered in my shed became the vase for a single Ranunculus blossom.

(Photo & Styling- Martha Browne)

On My Reading List

#4. Photography- ‘Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs‘ by Henry Carroll, 2014.

Start by ignoring everything

“…You’ll see that taking great pictures is less about technical knowhow and much more about mastering that most valuable piece of kit— your eyes. But for now, try to remember that no matter how unnerving all the buttons, symbols and dials my seem, your camera is just a box with a hole in it…”


A Page From…

…’Mark Hampton On Decorating‘ Written & Illustrated By Mark Hampton, 1989.


“…The bed takes up half the room but justifies its presence by its comfort and great good looks. One huge piece can be surprisingly effective in cramped quarters…” – Mark Hampton

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On My Reading List

#3. Travel- ‘ The River Of Doubt’ by Candice Millard, 2006.

“…Less than eighteen months after Theodore Roosevelt’s dramatic, failed campaign for an unprecedented third term in the White House, the sweat soaked figure before (respected naturalist) George Cherrie in the jungle darkness could not have been further from the power and privilege of his former office. Hundreds of miles from help or even any outside awareness of his ordeal, Roosevelt hovered agonizingly on the brink of death…”


Photo- Roosevelt writes at his portable desk while exploring The River of Doubt in South America. His face and arms are covered to protect them from the ceaseless biting and stinging insects.

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“…All great things had small beginnings…”

nibletspressedflower-optPressed flower

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