On My Reading List

#19. Biography- ‘ The Six ‘ by Laura Thompson, 2016.

” Take six girls, all of them rampant individualists, and let them loose upon one of the most politically explosive periods in history. That is the story of the Mitford (sisters)….”


On My Reading List

#17. Cooking- ‘The Art Of Simple Food‘ by Alice Waters, 2007.

” I love cooking and eating with friends; I think that’s why I started a restaurant. I give more thought and consideration to the menu and the evening when I’m cooking for guests, whether it is a special occasion such as a birthday party or holiday feast or just a casual gathering of close friends. I try to plan a menu that I think will please and is fitting to the occasion, but, just as important, one that is not too complicated and difficult to prepare. I want to enjoy myself and I want my guests to feel relaxed…”


On My (Summer) Reading List

#14. Decorating- ‘Kitchenalia‘ By Vinny Lee, 2014

“…Even the most modern and metropolitan city you will find kitchens styled to give the appearance of being in the depths of the country, somewhere far removed from the sirens of police cars and ambulances, and the bustle of the sidewalk.

This type of kitchen encapsulates a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle and features  subtle washes of nature-inspired colors. Basketwork, wood, and copper are all ingredients that will help to create the look, and for the Kitchenalia country kitchen vintage and traditional elements are important.

The country kitchen is designed to be used. It is a place to cook, preserve and bottle, where bowls are licked and the smell of fresh bread tempts people in. It is at heart a family space…”


On My (Summer) Reading List

#16. Adventure- ‘Into The Silence’ by Wade Davis, 2011.

” On the morning of June 6, 1924, at a camp perched at 23,000 feet on an ice ledge high above the East Rongbuk Glacier and just below the lip of Everest’s North Cal, expedition leader Lieutenant Colonel Edward Norton said fairwell to two men about to make a final desperate attempt for the summit. At thirty-seven, George Leigh Mallory was Britain’s most illustrious climber. Sandy Irvine was a young scholar of twenty-two from Oxford with little previous mountaineering experience. Time was of the essence…”

851587REI glacier glasses(Reproduction glacier glasses from REI)