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A Page From…

Rosie Flo’s Garden Coloring Book, 2009.

(Add heads, legs, etc.)


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On My Reading List

#8. Photography- ‘Mothers & Daughters‘ An Exploration In Photographs With Essays By Tillie Olsen And Estelle Jussim, 1987.

“…It is at once the most basic and most mysterious of relationships: mothers beget, nourish, and ultimately are succeeded by their daughters. Therein lies the true thread of human continuity…”


Sally Mann, ‘Jenny and Her Mother,‘ Lexington, Virgina, 1984


Joel Mayerowitz, ‘Stella and Tessa,’ Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1985


Jill Freedman, ‘Hair,’ Resurrection City, Washington, D.C., 1968


Niki Berg, ‘Joan and Julie,’ Hancock, Massachusetts 1981


Laura McPhee, ‘Untitled,’ Ringoes, New Jersey, 1984

Inspired By…

…’Girls Standing On Lawns‘ by Maira Kalman And Daniel Handler, 2014.

Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler sifted through MoMA‘s archive of old snapshots and found a lot them had to do with the same theme- girls on lawns waiting for a family member or friend to take their picture. So, they selected some favorites and got busy- Kalman with her illustrations and Handler with his prose to accompany them.

For me… I got busy photographing Kayla sitting on the lawn. :)


Fashion details- Tie-dyed shirt and sneakers with cotton shorts are all model’s own.

(Photo- Martha Browne. Model- Kayla)

On My Reading List

#7. Gardening- ‘Terence Conran’s Garden Style‘ by Terence Conran, 1991.

“…This book is a logical extension of that established tradition of working outdoors in the garden. It contains a range of projects, from the simple to the more complicated, and shows you how to made a variety of structures, including containers, seats, trelliswork and even a summer house…”


On My Reading List

#6. Poetry- ‘ The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems‘ by Emily Dickinson (with editors Jen Bervin and Marta Werner), 2013.


“In this short life

that only merely lasts an hour

How much- how


within our


A Page From…

…Betty Crocker’s New Boys And Girls Cookbook, 1957.


“…Twenty-five girls and boys, just your age, selected and tested all the recipes and food ideas that you’ll find in this book…” – Betty Crocker

Note- If you haven’t seen ‘MasterChef Junior‘ I urge you to give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by kids (ages 8-13) and their skill in the kitchen. The season has ended but you can catch previous episodes on Hulu.

On My Reading List

#5. Decorating- ‘Perfect English‘ by Ros Byam Shaw, 2007.

” In the context of decorating, ‘Perfect English’ is something of a contradiction…We like our chic to be shabby, our grandeur to be faded— perfection is a very non- English quality.” – Roger Jones


(Photos- Chris Tubbs)