My Imaginary Book Cover

One of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever done for Nibs was a series of fireplace mantels. The mantel was in the master bedroom of an old house that I got to borrow for several weeks. I indulged myself with all kinds of ideas that I’d always wanted to try out in my own home but couldn’t. And now I’m toying with the fun idea of doing a small, self-published book using them.


On My Reading List

#26. Novel- ‘Love In A Dry Season‘ by Shelby Foote, 1951.

“Major Malcolm Barcroft was sixty-seven when he died, the last male of his line. Accompanied as it was by word of his daughter’s peculiar reaction, the announcement of his death caused people to remember many things about his life which they otherwise might have forgotten, as is usually the way in the formality of getting a man of property buried and awaiting the reading of his will.”