Endpapers #11

“Before mass printing in the 20th century it was common for endpapers of books to have paper marbling. Sometimes the endpapers were used for maps or other relevant information. They are also the traditional place for bookplates or owner’s inscription…” – Wikipedia

triciafoleybookendpapers-optDesigner Tricia Foley cleverly had her inspiration boards photographed for the endpapers of her new book ‘Life|Style: Elegant Simplicity At Home.’

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On My Reading List

#11. Photography- ‘Portraits‘ By Rineke Dijkstra, 2002.

“…It’s like what Diane Arbus said, you are looking for the ‘gap between intention and effect.’ People think that they present themselves one way, but they cannot help but show something else as well. It’s impossible to have everything under control. But when I try to photograph somebody, especially the full body, it always makes them wonder ‘oh, what am I going to do with my hands,etc.’ And I think, retrospectively, I really used that more or less with the beach photos…”


On My Reading List

#10. Photography- ‘ A Summer’s Day‘ By Joel Meyerwitz, 1985.

“…Summertime, more than any other time of the year, brings me to a state of mind where this dual relationship is fluid, in harmony. In summer, I go back for a while to that other time. I shed my clothes, walk to the waters edge, and step in. I feel nature all around me. I wear it as a skin. I stare into space as long as I can. I look deeply into other faces. I lie in the sand and in the grass, feeling for what it felt like the first time. Summer is a time for remembering; it’s the time when growing things make seeds that are their memory. It’s a time for taking in…”


On My Reading List

#9. Photography-‘ Small Town America‘ By David Plowden, 1994

“…My concern about the transformation of American culture in the last half century, and its effects upon our culture has been implicit in all my work, and those familiar with it know that I have been saying the same thing many times over in different ways. I look at my photographs as portraits of our ancestors. As such they serve as reminders that we have all walked in someone else’s footsteps; that it is impossible to cut oneself off from the past. Yet all one need do is to walk down Main Street to see we look upon history as something we have outgrown. Living, as we do, in an age of dazzling scientific achievements makes it easy to dismiss history as something pass√©. Before we do, it is well to remember what we do today will be considered history tomorrow.”


‘ The Western House,’ Springville, New York, 1992

On My Reading List

#8. Photography- ‘Mothers & Daughters‘ An Exploration In Photographs With Essays By Tillie Olsen And Estelle Jussim, 1987.

“…It is at once the most basic and most mysterious of relationships: mothers beget, nourish, and ultimately are succeeded by their daughters. Therein lies the true thread of human continuity…”


Sally Mann, ‘Jenny and Her Mother,‘ Lexington, Virgina, 1984


Joel Mayerowitz, ‘Stella and Tessa,’ Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1985


Jill Freedman, ‘Hair,’ Resurrection City, Washington, D.C., 1968


Niki Berg, ‘Joan and Julie,’ Hancock, Massachusetts 1981


Laura McPhee, ‘Untitled,’ Ringoes, New Jersey, 1984

Inspired By…

…’Girls Standing On Lawns‘ by Maira Kalman And Daniel Handler, 2014.

Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler sifted through MoMA‘s archive of old snapshots and found a lot them had to do with the same theme- girls on lawns waiting for a family member or friend to take their picture. So, they selected some favorites and got busy- Kalman with her illustrations and Handler with his prose to accompany them.

For me… I got busy photographing Kayla sitting on the lawn. :)


Fashion details- Tie-dyed shirt and sneakers with cotton shorts are all model’s own.

(Photo- Martha Browne. Model- Kayla)