The World Of Interiors Magazine Cover In Dollhouse Scale

Lockdown provided lots of time to work on various projects. My husband and I painted our living room and then our dining room. After that, I began hand painting over sixty cabinet cards that were a big hit with shoppers when the antique market opened. And finally I finished this project suggested by The World of Interiors Magazine instagram. The magazine wanted readers to create a favorite cover. Many responded and did artwork. But I decided to replicate a cover using dollhouse scale furniture.

The cover I chose was from October 1996 (above). I found a dollhouse sofa with the right shape and simply snapped off the back to turn it into a daybed. I painted over the wood frame and made my own fabric cushion with painted-on green stripes. Walls are foam core and the wide stripes are paper. The floor is popsicle sticks. The lights were a challenge though. I tried various materials and found that paperclips and folded black paper worked best. You can see the finished project in the introduction photograph of this post.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

The Gravity Of Time

“Now, as I approach the age that Strand was then, I get it. Perhaps it’s an age-appropriate thing, this deep communion with the natural world. Although it’s not always as simple as it first appears. One sees this return to simplicity throughout the history of art, when toward the end artists often discover the meaning of the seasons, or meditate on nature, or death, in the manner of their time, and with its various methods of expression. Perhaps it’s the winding down of ambition and the measuring of the time that is left that draws us toward this simplicity, within which lies the subtle complexities of nature that are often hidden from the eyes of the young.” – Photographer Joel Meyerowitz’s essay for ‘The Garden At Orgeval’ by Paul Strand.