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A Page From…

Rosie Flo’s Garden Coloring Book, 2009.

(Add heads, legs, etc.)


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Learning To See


#16. Two pictures- same theme, different perspectives. At 18, Mike Brodie hopped a train and spent months riding the rails all the while photographing his fellow travelers. His youth allowed him to capture those close to his own age…these wanderlust kids riding away from or riding to something. Brodie’s image (above) has no train tracks yet we know where we are. Two male occupants are separated by the sheer size of the rail car, the vast landscape and even their own vantage points. Behind them is a long line of cars. Horace Bristol’s picture (below) depicts a single man living the sort of transient train life that was reflective of so many during the hard depression years of the 1930s. His shot is from the tracks with the familiar line of cars. Bristol’s rider is either catching the train or jumping from it.


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On My Reading List

#6. Poetry- ‘ The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems‘ by Emily Dickinson (with editors Jen Bervin and Marta Werner), 2013.


“In this short life

that only merely lasts an hour

How much- how


within our


Color My World


Fashion details- Dress and jean jacket from Burberry Prorsum.

(Mixed media using photography, collage & paint by Ernesto Artillo for UK InStyle Magazine, April 2015)

Think Outside The Box


Artwork by Pablo Picasso.

A Page From…

…’Mark Hampton On Decorating‘ Written & Illustrated By Mark Hampton, 1989.


“…The bed takes up half the room but justifies its presence by its comfort and great good looks. One huge piece can be surprisingly effective in cramped quarters…” – Mark Hampton

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On My Reading List

#2. Creative Developement- ‘Show Your Work‘ by Austin Kleon, 2014.

A New Way Of Operating

“…Almost all of the people I look up to and try to steal from today, regardless of their profession, have built sharing into their routine. These people aren’t schmoozing at cocktail parties; they’re too busy for that. They’re cranking away in their studios, their laboratories, or their cubicles, but instead of maintaining absolute secrecy and hoarding their work, they’re open about what they’re working on, and they’re consistently posting bits and pieces of their work, their ideas, and what they’re learning online…”