Artwork- Watercolor Painting

Prior to the Civil War, watercolor painting was mainly done by women and a few commercial artists. But in 1866, the American Watercolor Society changed all that. They began yearly exhibits showcasing different aged male/female artists from diverse backgrounds. The Society also forged ties with established artists and enticed collectors to view new works. More than a hundred years later, watercolor painting remains a creative outlet for both professional artists and amateurs.

Note– Wish I could see this exhibit ‘American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent’

(Photo of Winslow Homer’s watercolor paint box)

January/February- Person, Place & Thing

portraitofabbie1017-optPerson- The hard part of trying to learn photography, especially portrait photography, is finding a willing person to pose. Abbe has stepped in to fill the void as model. I took a few test shots of her recently and this is one of them.

ourcountrybarnenclosedside-optPlace– When we bought our farmhouse property it came with a barn. It was one of the first major projects we worked on. Scott enclosed this section (above) for storage. He installed three antique windows and crafted a wooden door around back.

marblepaperblick-optThing- Two sheets of handmade marbleized paper from Blick. What should I do with them?

(Photos- Martha Browne)