Try To See The People Better

” When you say in fiction: ” He bowed his head in shame,” it is likely to be a lie. Or “he gripped the chair until his knuckles were white.” When you write such a thing about a character, ask yourself: “Did he really do that? Have I ever seen anyone do that?”…. When you have written a story and it has come back a few times and you sit there trying to write it over again and make it more impressive, do not try to think of better words, more gripping words. Try to see the people better.”

– ‘If You Want to Write’ by Brenda Ueland

Bedroom Library

It’s always fun to find new ways of storing books. As I was wandering around a friend’s place I couldn’t help but smile when I came across this display of books above the modern canopy bed.

(Photo- Martha Browne)

Antiques- Make Do & Mend

Centuries ago mending old pottery was often a necessity. You just didn’t throw away something that could still be used. So the bowl or plate would be taken to a skilled person who would use metal staples to make the repairs.These imperfect pieces are now becoming very popular among collectors…myself included.

Note– Photo shows the front and back of repaired antique plate.

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Edward Collier’s letter rack trompe l’oeil painting c. 17th century (top), Ros Byam Shaw instagram of her mother’s three dimensional version of Collier’s rack (middle left), “Tea Set” letterpress tray by Rachel Bradley (middle right) and John Derian’s small box on his table (bottom).