It’s A Miniature Life

little architecture drafting table and stool” There is this moment when people see a well constructed miniature: a surprised drawing-in of breath, a disbelief that something so small could look so real. This is what I chase.” – Emily Boutard, one time lawyer, now a full time architecture student and creator of ‘little architecture.’

(Photo- Emily Boutard)

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Pages From…

…’Berlin, The Remembrances Of A Camera’ Travel Booklet c. 1950.

vintagetravelbook1950s-opt” We are in Berlin, in a town that no one easily forgets, though in each case for a different reason. Now look! Over there is an omnibus. A lady gets out. Is she a Berliner? Or possibly an American or a Swiss? She hurries away, perhaps to a rendez-vous. The omnibus, that bright yellow Berlin double-decker, rumbles on.

berlincameratravelbookOver the seat she left in such haste a camera dangles. And there our story begins- the Berlin remembrances of a camera…”

Artwork- Damian Stamer

Originally from North Carolina, thirty-something artist Damian Stamer often taps into his southern childhood memories for inspiration. He uses his own photographic images as backdrops for the more distorted, abstract oil paints he applies. The results are a fascinating combination of then and now.

damian stamer artwork 02Dusk 2.0,  2011


 The Americano,  2013