It’s A Miniature Life

little architecture drafting table and stool” There is this moment when people see a well constructed miniature: a surprised drawing-in of breath, a disbelief that something so small could look so real. This is what I chase.” – Emily Boutard, one time lawyer, now a full time architecture student and creator of ‘little architecture.’

(Photo- Emily Boutard)

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Pages From…

…’Berlin, The Remembrances Of A Camera’ Travel Booklet c. 1950.

vintagetravelbook1950s-opt” We are in Berlin, in a town that no one easily forgets, though in each case for a different reason. Now look! Over there is an omnibus. A lady gets out. Is she a Berliner? Or possibly an American or a Swiss? She hurries away, perhaps to a rendez-vous. The omnibus, that bright yellow Berlin double-decker, rumbles on.

berlincameratravelbookOver the seat she left in such haste a camera dangles. And there our story begins- the Berlin remembrances of a camera…”