Person, Place & Thing- September/October

Person- My friend Beth inspects a favorite quilt.

Place- The annual quilt show in Asheville, N.C. was amazing.

Thing- You never know what you’ll find by the side of the road. This old relic dates from the late 1940s.

(Photos- Martha Browne)



Our son Curtis is back in Prague for another year of teaching. He recently checked out the Gerhard Richter exhibit at The National Gallery and told us  “….some of Richter’s paintings are very realistic, like photographs, while others are completely abstract…” 

(Photos- Curtis Browne)

Photography Exhibit

This was my second summer to participate in the community’s annual photography exhibit. The experience is always an adventure. I spent hours figuring out which pictures to use and how best to display them. I even made booklets for viewers at the art center. Above is the cover from it.

(Photo & Design- Martha Browne)