Decorating Our Farmhouse

Before working on our guest bathroom, we had to address some major issues. First the room’s basic layout was suitable enough. It had a vanity, toilet and walk-in shower. But the materials like the huge granite tiles encasing the entire shower and the Asian inspired chest with bowl sink felt completely out of keeping in our 1800s farmhouse. Secondly the lack of natural light was a problem. The bathroom and a closet were housed in a converted porch project done by the previous owner. This meant that the single bathroom exterior window now looked into the closet. To compensate for the loss of light the owner decided to squeeze a floor-to-ceiling sliver of window glass right by the toilet. Yikes! With all of these problems we had to rethink the whole bathroom and the closet in terms of a better floor plan. Plus underdesign both spaces to work with the age and character of the house.

Can you guess which is our finished bathroom- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?


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  1. (Bathroom Photos- #1 Martha Browne #2 Michelle Smith #3 Justine Hand #4 John Derian #5 Susan Hable #6 Ellen O’Neill)

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