Country Mouse

To have a barn is great but to have a tack room too is pure icing on the cake. When Myranda and her husband Mark bought their farm property it came with a large wooden barn and tack room. “I’ve never been fortunate to have one. I’m very grateful to have it.” Myranda tells me.

When you enter their barn you walk through the center. In the corners are stalls for Myranda’s two horses (Sunny & Tonka) and two miniature donkeys (Jacob & Joey). Directly in the middle, and to the right, is an open space for feed containers. Opposite this is a wall with fun references to equine- a thermometer with metal horse silhouette and a diamond framed folk art horse.

Not far from these things is the wonderful door leading into the tack room.

The room itself isn’t that large. But it’s all the details that catch your eye.

The rustic wood boards that cover the walls, floor and ceiling are artfully done.

 An innovative rack holds a variety of leather saddles. Black iron hooks display different kinds of bridles and hats.

Myranda has pieces of furniture and accessories that remind her of special  times spent with both her animals and people.

“My mom bought me the saddle blanket. And the water bottle holder was a prize that Sunny won through a picture contest. Other items friends have given me through the years.”

“I have dreamed of having a horse since I was six years old. Because Sunny is my first horse ever, a lot of first trail rides and time spent together hold sentimental value to me. When we adopted our second horse Tonka, the fun really began and I was able to invite friends over to trail ride with me. The adventures and memories that we share will warm my heart for a lifetime.” Myranda recently acquired two frisky miniature donkeys that add to her fun.

Donkeys Joey and Jacob receive carrot treats by the tack room door.

Thanks Myranda for a wonderful time!

(Photos- Martha Browne)