On The Farm- Donkey Updates

Dusty (age 1  1/2 years)– Two weeks ago I went out to the barn to do morning chores and the smell of skunk was overpowering. At first I thought it was a dead skunk somewhere inside the structure but after searching I couldn’t find anything. Then I went out in the paddock and Dusty came to greet me. He reeked of skunk!! I called my vet and unless I wanted the challenge of bathing him there wasn’t anything I could do but wait for the smell to go away. The other donkeys don’t mind that Dusty stinks…just me.

Audrey (2 years)– I’ve been doing a lot more clicker training with her. Audrey can now lift small traffic cones and deposit them in a basket. She’s one smart donkey.

Beatrice (10 years) & Cece (25-30 years)– These two had to be sedated for their last visit from the hoof farrier. And even after being sedated it was difficult for the farrier to work on them. This is the reality of dealing with rescue donkeys. Both Beatrice and Cece continue to have long term behavioral issues.

(Photos- Martha Browne)