On The Farm- Cece Has Her Foal!

When I went out this morning to feed the donkeys only Beatrice and Audrey showed up. I called for Cece. No sign of her. I went down into the woods behind the barn to look for her.  And there she was with a tiny, gray foal. What a surprise! I had been assured that Cece wasn’t due to give birth until mid-summer. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet.

(Photo- My husband Scott)

Update 04/05/2017- The foal is definitely a boy. We named him Dusty.


2 thoughts on “On The Farm- Cece Has Her Foal!

  1. How special for you all. What a beautiful baby foal. Are momma donkeys protective of their babies like dogs and cats are? Do you as a donkey owner now have to do anything for the momma and/or baby in terms of aftercare?

    1. Some mother donkeys are more protective than others. Cece is watchful. She let me touch her foal quite a bit. About aftercare…I’m keeping both donkeys in the paddock for the next 24-48 hours…infections can set in during that time.

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