On The Farm- Audrey The Explorer

While Cece and Beatrice prefer to quietly graze, Audrey likes to explore the woods behind our barn. We can’t see what she’s doing, but we can hear her running through the leaves creating her own paths. Audrey’s latest antic is digging. Usually she does this at night and leaves her treasure by the back gate. The loot consists of broken branches, bark with the occasional scraps of paper or plastic bags. One morning I was up early and saw Audrey coming from the woods with something big in her mouth. At first I thought it was a plant with roots. As she got closer, it turned out to be a piece of shag carpet.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


2 thoughts on “On The Farm- Audrey The Explorer

    1. Yes…Audrey is something! Yesterday she dug up a bunch a orange twine that farmers use to bundle their hay. :)

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