Garden Note- Natural Beauty

I love this article from last year’s Veranda Magazine. Floral designer Michael Putnam creates some simple, yet stunning Christmas arrangements in a historic New York home.

christmasnaturalbeautyverandamagazine01-optSnippets of snowberries  are taped to the old windowpanes.

christmasnaturalbeautytreeveranda02-optReal candles light this pine tree for the holidays. Dried slices of oranges and apples hang from branches strewn with clusters of paperwhite narcissus.

naturalchristmascuboardwithplantsfruit-opt The theme of using paperwhites and citrus fruit continues in this corner cupboard with some slight changes. Paperwhite bulbs are placed in glasses and lemons are the chosen fruit. Here they’re combined with fresh olive and thyme clippings.

(Photos- Sang An for Veranda Magazine, 2015)


2 thoughts on “Garden Note- Natural Beauty

  1. These pictures are beautiful and the idea of citrus sounds so inviting! I would love to have some citrus around this year. We’ll see. I remember Demarest Farms use to make tree trimmers from slices of dried orange. It was wonderful.

    1. Looking to add some citrus to my displays, too. I found an idea on how to carve oranges, limes or lemons…then you let them dry. Will let you know how they turn out. :)

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