Prepping For The Holidays

hmhomeholidaytable01-optI’m already scouting ideas for decorating this holiday season. Here are some nice touches to consider- the unusual color scheme (not the traditional red & green), loosely arranged eucalyptus wreath, branches instead of a tree, oranges with cloves, giant Amaryllis bulb in a metal box, layered table clothes, brown paper gift wrap, copper colored balls, pine cone candle holders, stag dishware and mugs.

hmtableholidaydisplaydetail-opt(Photos- H&M Home)


2 thoughts on “Prepping For The Holidays

  1. I like this room. I like everything about it: how it is decorated, colors, furniture, simplicity, beauty, comfort, using the metals. Very nice. I like your taste in decorating from the pictures you show us of your home and from pictures like this one. Thank you.

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