Our Farmhouse Kitchen

kitchenfireplacemantel-optAlthough our wonky, old farmhouse (c. 1800s) isn’t on the historical registry, both my husband and I feel it still deserves careful restoration work.

kitchenrestorationprojectview3-optThe kitchen was at the top of the project list this spring and summer. We had all kinds of issues with it and each one had to be addressed with respect to the finished space. Here’s what we’ve done so far.

Existing Kitchen-


  • L-Shaped room
  • Five doors
  • Single exterior window
  • Fixed plexi-glass interior window
  • Blocked sun tunnel
  • Poor task lighting
  • Counters too high (40″ instead of standard 36″)
  • Dark granite floor tile used on the counters and backsplash.
  • Work triangle suitable for one person only
  • Cabinets in strange places (wall oven, hard to reach storage in old attic and too wide a peninsula)
  • Exposed roof rafters allowed for insect and rodent problems
  • Row of soffit lights that made no sense
  • Assorted appliances
  • Outdated ceiling fan
  •  Multiple ceiling heights

After Kitchen-


  • Removed large light fixture and recessed lighting to unblock sun tunnel
  • Ran new electrical
  • Cabinets and counters carefully taken out
  • Kickplate cut off to drop cabinets down
  • Create a new layout from existing cabinets
  • Repair wood flooring
  • Eliminate exposed roof
  • New planking on walls and ceiling where needed
  • Paint cabinets, walls, ceiling, woodwork and doors
  • Order butcher block for countertop
  • Keep refrigerator and dishwasher drawer
  • Purchase restaurant stove and stainless steel sink
  • Install vintage cast iron sink from my old shed
  • Replace plexi-glass with antique window
  • Repurpose old Ikea table as a work island (remove top and use as shelf, butcher block for top, paint body)***

kitchenrestorationproject001-optYet To Do-

  • Single window will be changed to a double
  • Enclose one door (still debating this)
  • Paint the floor
  • Select a different light fixture for over breakfast table
  • Add scallop wood edge to shelving above sink
  • Make window curtains and sink skirt


  • Benjamin Moore Paint
  • Big Chill- Stove
  • Restaurant supply- Sink and fixtures
  • John Boos- Butcher block
  • Northern Crescent Iron- Cabinet hardware

(Photos- Martha Browne)

*** Note- Pictures of the Ikea table and other details will be featured in a future post.


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