September/October- Person, Place & Thing

rubbingdonkeyears-optPerson- I met Barbara a year ago through our mutual love of donkeys. Here she is with Jasmine who enjoys having her ears rubbed.

farmhousekitchenview2sink-optPlace- We’re in the homestretch on our kitchen renovation. And thank goodness. Because after months of having the room torn up, living in mountains of dust and finding a black rat snake curled up on the ironing board, we are ready to be done.

appleseason-optThing(s)- Apple season has officially begun.

(Photos- Martha Browne)

2 thoughts on “September/October- Person, Place & Thing

  1. Like each of these pictures for your “Person, Place and Thing”. What a sweet picture of the donkey and your new friend. LOVE your kitchen. I hope you take us through a tour of the house with pictures. Looks like you’ll have plenty of apples for some pie and cobbler.


    1. BJ- I really enjoy my time with the rescue donkeys. Right now we’re teaching them to be groomed and lift their hooves. Cindy and her son Archie are being adopted soon. Hard to see them go. My goal for our kitchen was to make sure it felt right within an 1800s house. But I did take some liberties…like the butcher block and new stove, etc. I plan to put a post together with some more images. :)

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