This nervous rescue donkey won’t let us near her to remove the numbered tag on her rear. It will have to wait.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


4 thoughts on “09-10

  1. Hope this donkey is in good shape considering he is a rescue. Martha B., are your two donkeys, Boppy and Patrick, rescue donkeys?

    1. This donkey is the hardest one of the six that were rescued. Today she took treats from my hand so it won’t be long. I don’t think Boppy and Patrick were rescue donkeys. I was ‘donkey sitting’ them because their owner had a long illness. For a while I thought they’d stay with me, but they’re now back home. I miss them. Hopefully next spring I’ll have two of my own.

  2. So glad she took treats from your hand today. What is her name? I thought Boppy and Patrick were your donkeys. It will be fun to see what two you pick this Spring.

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