Madewell Pieces That Go From Summer Into Fall

2016-fp-lwl-img11Summer- Scallop-hem shorts, sleeveless top and sandals.

2016-fp-lwl-img12Fall- Scallop-hem shorts, sleeveless top with gray textured sweater, plaid shirt and high-top sneakers.

2016-fp-lwl-img9Summer- Open back embroidered eyelet dress and lace-up flats.

2016-fp-lwl-img10Fall- Open back embroidered eyelet dress with chambray shirt and mules.

2016-fp-lwl-img7Summer- Cotton cutout jumpsuit and lace-up sandals.

2016-fp-lwl-img8Fall- Cotton cutout jumpsuit with white shirt, jean jacket, leather handbag and high-top sneakers.