My Imaginary Magazine Cover- Southern Living

Ever since I came up with this imaginary magazine cover for British Vogue, I’ve been playing with other fun designs. Here’s the latest one for ‘Southern Living.’

imaginarymagazinecoversouthernliving01-optNote- Moving south to a much older place (early 1800s) has changed my whole approach to decorating. Our historical home rejected my notions of bright primaries as harsh. Other colors I considered would be washed out by the intensity and amount of sunlight here. So, Scott and I ended up painting the dining /library/guest room a wonderful shade of blue-green which keeps its cool even on a hot day. Accents of black in the Windsor chairs, floor lamp and fireplace screen help things stay grounded.

(Photo- Martha Browne)


2 thoughts on “My Imaginary Magazine Cover- Southern Living

  1. This is a beautifully decorated room, Martha B.! Love the ceilings and the wide-beamed floors and the mantel and the color you and Scott B. chose. Tell me how you have such a big room for a bedroom…wow!

    1. Thanks. The room is not really that big. Bed is a twin size. I’m glad we decided to design this space for more than just a dining room. :)

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