Decorating Tips From Nicky Haslam


  • FRAMES AND PICTURES  “I frame anything that appeals- postcards, letters, maps. ” Haslam also buys inexpensive engravings and ” frame them up ‘grand’ in rubbed gilt.”
  •  GROUPS OF OBJECTS  “I realize that I have a lot of things in vaguely one color, or theme, and they look happier together in a group. Vary height and proportion for maximum visual impact. I like possessions that smile back at me.”
  •  TEXTURE  Haslam will layer a flokati rug over a hair-cord carpet. “They are cheap,” he points out.
  •  FINAL TOUCHES  “Cushions, tablescloths, curtains, and tie-backs that look deliberately ‘wrong’ or oversize give an instant jolt of character.”

( House & Garden, Special Edition, 2016)

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4 thoughts on “Decorating Tips From Nicky Haslam

  1. I like this information. It is helpful to me, especially at this time where I am trying to get more off my shelves and make it more eye-pleasing.

  2. Hi Martha! I’ve been reading blogs these days on my iPad and don’t really have a blog list I follow. Was looking up some old Vogue UK photos and up came your blog which I realized I’d lost track of. Hope you are doing well. The blog looks great.

    1. Hi Linda- So very nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. I’m heading into my 9th year blogging…can’t believe I’m still doing it. :)

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