On My Reading List

#12. Nature- ‘The Wisdom Of Donkeys‘ By Andy Merrifield, 2008.

“…Time slows down amid donkeys. In their company things happen quietly and methodically. It’s hard to forget their innocent gaze. It’s a calm that instills calm. Your mind wanders, you dream, you go else where, yet somehow you remain very present…”

wisdom of donkeys book coverwalkingwithdonkeysboppyandpatrick-opt

Sharing the path to the barn with my favorite donkeys Boppy and Patrick.

(iPhone 5c image- Martha Browne)


2 thoughts on “On My Reading List

  1. I think I might like to read that as well, Martha B.! Boppy and Patrick, are these your donkeys? So cute. Are they friendly animals or…each has their own personality as horses and dogs and cats? Just wondering…


    1. Hi BJ- I read this book before I turn in at night. About the donkeys…Boppy and Patrick belong to our neighbor but they live on our farm. I take care of them (feeding, cleaning their stall, etc.) This week my sister Sarah and I learned how to treat an infected hoof.

      Boppy is the bigger of the two and more vocal (think fog horn!). He’s very curious and loves to watch us work. Patrick is small and quieter. Although he brays…just not as loud as Boppy. Both donkeys are in clicker training and enjoy it.

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