Inspired By…

…Richard Avedon’s portrait of Sandra Bennett c. 1980.

Richard Avedon was a noted fashion photographer for Vogue and other magazines. But he also delved into other aspects of photography. In 1979, he and two assistants visited a small town in Texas. At a local gathering, Avedon decided to do a bunch of portraits. So, he set up his Deardorff camera along with a large sheet of seamless white paper taped to an exterior wall. And then waited. Avedon knew what kind of people he wanted to photograph- hardworking people who went under the normal radar. He met and photographed a young boy with a snake skin. This first encounter was the impetus for Avedon to create his unique vision of the American west.

One of my favorites from his book is the image of Sandra Bennett in 1980. I decided to try a few photos of Kayla in a similar pose.


Fashion details- Kayla is wearing vintage overalls and a sleeveless shirt from Gap Kids.

(Top Left Photo- Richard Avedon. Other Photos & Styling- Martha Browne)