On My Reading List

#9. Photography-‘ Small Town America‘ By David Plowden, 1994

“…My concern about the transformation of American culture in the last half century, and its effects upon our culture has been implicit in all my work, and those familiar with it know that I have been saying the same thing many times over in different ways. I look at my photographs as portraits of our ancestors. As such they serve as reminders that we have all walked in someone else’s footsteps; that it is impossible to cut oneself off from the past. Yet all one need do is to walk down Main Street to see we look upon history as something we have outgrown. Living, as we do, in an age of dazzling scientific achievements makes it easy to dismiss history as something passé. Before we do, it is well to remember what we do today will be considered history tomorrow.”


‘ The Western House,’ Springville, New York, 1992