D.I.Y. Firebox Decor

The talented owners of this home crafted a whimsical smoke cutout to cover their empty firebox. Inspired, I decided to make one of my own.


List of materials-

1 sheet of foamcore (36″ x 48″)

exacto knife or box cutter

pencil, craft paints, markers and paint brushes


1. Measure your firebox so that your design will fit. Begin by using a pencil to lightly draw out your smoke onto the foam core.

2. Carefully cut it out with an exacto knife on a hard surface such as a work bench.

3. Now have fun with paints and markers drawing in cartoon-like details.

4. Place inside firebox. I simply leaned mine against the existing wood pile.

 (Inspiration photo- ‘Perfect English.’ D.I.Y. photo & styling- Martha Browne)

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    1. Hi Ann. Yes…Margot was nice enough to let me use her fireplace and rearrange furniture. :)

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